Thursday, February 6, 2014

'Lil Garden......

The 'lil garden got some refurbishing this week. It needed some cleaning up and grass replacement. Plus, some new 'lil garden things were given to me. All the new white pieces (wagon, bird bath, wheelbarrow, birdhouse) are from Smith and Hawkens. They all had the cutest, teeny, metal tag on them with the company name. I need to figure out some way to have them showing. The garden is a bit too crowded to look its best, but everyone (thing) seems to be getting along good.......

When I look at the garden pictures I see where improvements could be made. I plan to move the three clay pots to the front just inside the picket fence to the right of the entrance. 

The grass looks a little flatter when you see it in person. 


The two little boys are resting on the small bench after  playing with their new blue ball.

The rabbits favor the walk and can be found hopping around on it most of the time.

The bird house looks oversized but it was the first piece I bought with the intention of making a miniature garden so, I don't want to not use it. And, since nothing is really to scale, does it really matter.

So, life in the quiet 'lil garden goes on and is seems to be a good life - no excess rain, no snow, no wind damage or brown palm fronds blown down. I sure wish the big garden were as caught up as this one!!!
Thank you for visiting and taking the garden tour.


  1. So cute....I have a succulent fairy garden. I planted it in an old oil pan.

  2. Thank you. You will have to show us yours, sometime. We both like little things. I hope you are feeling better!

  3. Your little garden is so cute! I love the little rabbits on the walk, and all of your cute little accessories. It's nice to see a pretty "little" garden this time of year.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.


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