Monday, February 17, 2014

Toad Abode..........

............I have been so busy working in the garden that I have had trouble finding the time to post about the garden or anything else! I have also taken lots of pictures outside and have grouped them into three posts so far, this being the first one......

I took time to clean up the small toad, toadstool and gnome area......

I am not overly fond of garden gnomes but I do like this little scene going on here.

I especially like this Dollywood gnome. 

There is nothing new in the area and some of you have seen it before but it has been awhile.

Another favorite is this stepping stone I made using a broken plate, a plain concrete stepping stone and a little grout. 

I must confess - I lay down the real moss carpet only for photo-shoots and when I know someone will be taking a tour through the garden. Otherwise it would only last a short time.

The moss is a neater and prettier look than when the sand is showing as.......

what you see here. The two broken pots are large, probably 18" ones. I am glad I didn't throw them away when they were broken by falling limbs.

This is the tile you got a glimpse of in the picture just above this - with one of my favorite sayings on it.

This is the second one. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" Plant shadows makes it hard to see.

There seems to be a bumper crop of Crocosmia this year. I never am sure whether I am spelling the name correctly but we will say it is close enough. They started making an appearance before Christmas and I have way more than ever before but this little bunch is the only one to bloom so far. The plant totally disappears when our hottest weather sets in, which is probably a good thing because it naturalizes everywhere! It's always fun to see them popping up in the winter.

One of my favorite toadstools.

And another favorite.
I will be back soon with more from the garden. Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Looking forward to wandering through your garden again!

    1. And, I am looking forward to having you in my garden.


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