Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wildlife Encounters..........

While working outside for hours and hours in the last two months I have had some great wildlife interaction!..Well, my action has been mostly with the camera.  Sometimes it's hard for me to get any work done because I see the need to grab the camera.......

I noticed this Carolina Wren sitting here and when he flew away I took a closer look....sure enough, there is a nest being constructed in the old water can.  It wasn't long until it was obvious the couple was working hard, looking for material (in abundance in this backyard) to build their nest.  Also apparent is the fact that they are particular. A lot of time goes into the search.

Eventually, they return one by one, with some new building material. In the meantime I am standing just far enough away to not scare them off. Holding as still and quiet as possible, with a camera posed at the ready, is as tiring as hard yard work. Sometimes my neck or arm would start hurting so bad I would have to give it up and rest awhile.

This is not one of my best pictures but is the only one that shows both of them at the same time. Hopefully, I can update the progress here in a later post.

Larger birds - White Ibis.  These are in abundance in my area and often are seen pecking in yards or walking up the street.  They hang around in groups of about a dozen. I counted thirteen this day. They cause no trouble that I am aware of and I always like to see them.

And, even bigger birds, walking up my side street - wild turkeys.  This has been a daily sight lately.

The grass IS greener on the other side, in my neighbor's yard.

They have a habit of going through my yard to and from an uncleared lot next door. He was ruffling his feathers in this picture, but he is a huge turkey!!

A smaller one. They travel in groups also, about a dozen or less.

They peck around on the ground but, don't dig or scratch enough to do any damage. They do like to eat my periwinkle blossoms, though!

Back here I am hoping they are eating the camphor tree seeds.  If so I won't have to pull up hundreds of baby camphor trees!

Of course, I have many assorted kinds of small living things too. This one is on a mustard greens leaf.

I surprised this guy (and myself) one day when I moved a bag of potting soil and exposed him to the wide world.  He stayed in the same position long enough for me to go inside, get my camera and take the picture.

Quite often I will take a picture from a distance and when I look at it on my monitor realize I got a bonus subject.

 Chameleons are a part of my everyday life. I hardly notice them and they pay little to no attention to me. They will never get on you (one time in all my years in Florida) and would get off quicker than they got on! This one is on the outside of the back porch screen.

Sunning on little Justin's head.

Like I said, anywhere and everywhere and no problem - live and let live!

The same can be said of the squirrels. Although they are pretty aggravating when they dig in a flower pot!!
I really surprised this one.  He had no clue I was just a few steps away and this is what I saw when he realized I was there.

Another close encounter on another day. When he realized I was a few steps away he put his paws on his chest and thought, oh my goodness! She is close enough to get me!!!

We have several different types of butterflies.  This one is the Longwing.

On a Penta blossom.

I don't see the Queen as often as some other types.

I leave most of the milkweed that reseeds and comes up on its own. It is a great butterfly attractor.

The Monarch count has been down but I am seeing more than I did for awhile.

This is a skipper. I believe a silver-spotted skipper.

I have seen more butterflies including, swallowtails and sulphurs but didn't get pictures. I probably should have made this into two posts but I will be taking more and more pictures and will be back with more wildlife. And, I especially want to keep you updated on the new wren house.  


  1. I so look forward to visiting your garden again! Carolina Wrens are one of my favorite birds to watch. The bug on the mustard leaf... does it bite? I've seen a similar-looking one that's bite packs a wallop and can even defeat a hornet. We have those in our area. I forget the name.

    1. The wrens will probably have eggs in there when you come! The time is drawing near. I have never been bitten by that bug - not sure.

  2. I love the wildlife photos! The wild turkeys are beautiful.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed this post. I have seen a lot of wildlife lately and love taking the pictures.

  3. You sure have a nice variety of "garden buddies!" Some great pics, and I especially wanted to comment on one of my favorites...the little wren with nest building material (in its beak) at the watering can. What a special picture!!


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