Saturday, April 5, 2014

Visit To Lake Meadow Farm.......

........last Saturday I visited the Lake Meadow Farm in nearby Ocoee, Florida.  It is a working farm but they welcome visitors. It is home to many animals and fowl and is in a beautiful setting of green fields.....

.....far in the distance you can see some horses.

And in the other direction, some goats......

There is a pretty meadow running by...........

.....most of the chicken houses, etc. are nestled under some gigantic ancient oak trees.  I captured just a small portion of this one.

They have many bees.....exactly 30,000 according to my son-in-law's count. He said he saw a few he had not seen on his first visit, haha.

several kinds of chickens. As you might notice with the pictures, they let you get up close and personal with everything.

The hens are provided lots of laying nests .....

You are allowed to gather your own eggs to buy if you wish.

But, you need to watch your step because the chickens don't always choose a nest to lay the eggs in! It was a wet day when I was there and the stray eggs out in the chicken yard were very dirty.

Brown chickens.......

.......and speckled hens, my favorite.

One brown egg in a clean nest.

Lake Meadow Farm is also home to many ducks.......

.....turkeys, different looking from the ones that visit my own yard.

......beautiful swans and even.....

some rabbits.......

and pretty pigeons. 

They have a nice small store with lots of their own products including eggs, cheese, jellies, meat and more.  Also available are many specialty items brought in.

This is what I treated myself with - their own honey, comb included and some jelly. Both are very tasty! This is a great place to take young children and I look forward to going again!

Thank you very much for stopping by and seeing a bit of what goes on in My Crazy Quilt Life.


  1. 30,000 bees to be exact! haha I'm so glad to have visited the farm while I was there. It was a beautiful little place. Clean and efficient. And those ancient oaks... wow!

    1. Ha.ha., Joanne. I was trying to remember what the exact number was and couldn't. I think I will go in and add it.

  2. We took Zack and Jackson there a couple of years ago. They loved it. I especially liked the peacocks that had settled in the trees. And this is where I took that chicken photo that I sent you. So much to see!

  3. We took Zack and Jackson there a couple of years ago. Don't know who had more fun......them or us! I especially liked all the peacocks. This is where I took that chicken photo that I sent you. So much to see!

  4. This looks like such a fun place to visit.


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