Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn in the Kitchen #1

My fall things have been out for so long that I barely see them now but there is a lot that you haven't seen yet. This is the day to show part of the kitchen and there will be a part #2 in a few days.

Sometimes all that is required to have a room looking like a particular season is to change the candles to fit the time of year. These are sitting on my new September Girls acorn plate. Nothing warms up a room like a lit candle!

Today I am mostly showing the things in this corner.

The chicken is now nesting in the metal crown which is sitting in a fall wreath.

These were already here except the pumpkin. That's my mom and dad pictured on the family cookbook.

Two more small candles up on the shelf.

An unusual green apple brightens up the area. I hesitated on leaving the picture this large because the old crock looks dirty. It is glaze drips, baked in. And most of you probably just scrolled back up to see what you had not even seen.

I love acorns on display in the autumn time.


Now, on the silverware cabinet in the corner, using little green apples and a pear plate tells me it is autumn. Also, the wall pocket got a sprig of fall berries.


On around the corner on the short white cabinet are several fall - looking items.
I never know what to call this thing but, instead of using small pumpkins inside, this year I did an arrangement to hang on the outside.  The little pumpkins are in the big wooden dough bowl that you see in my banner at the top of every post.

The crochet thread pumpkin seems to land here each year now.

I love to feature my Lenox, pumpkin sugar and creamer set at this time of the year. I have had the tiny figurine for many years and like to see him come out in the fall, too.
Thank you so much for visiting and come back to see the rest of the autumn kitchen things when they get posted. The blog has been opened over 115,000 times, so I feel like enough people are enjoying it to make it worth my time.


  1. Fall candles have the most wonderful scents too! I love your pumpkins mixed in with your pretty things! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

    1. Thank you for coming by. I hope your weekend is going great, too.

  2. I so enjoyed your post. I have an acorn like the one in pic #7. Also I would like to know about the jar in the left hand corner of pic #9. Also how did you get the crochet thread pumpkin?

    1. I'm glad you enjoy my blog, Lola. I got the jar at The Christmas Tree Shop here at Altamonte Springs but it was about three years ago. I have seen them at least one other place. They are quite inexpensive. I had the ball of crochet thread and just tied the jute around it and stuck the sprig of berries in it. I am not sure were I got the thread.


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