Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Garden.....

In spite of our extreme summer heat and excess rain, autumn arrived in the garden, alive with color.........


The Pagoda plants have continued to have blooms all summer and still do. While not especially fond of large-leaf plants, I really like having this one tucked in my back garden.

This parlor maple (not in my "parlor") sure has done it's job of giving interest with it's uniquely shaped lanterns.


The extreme humidity has brought out a bumper crop of these.

A ruffled one.

You can see they grow where the grass doesn't.

In a short time the pinecone ginger cones have gone from this to this.....


This is how the ginger plant looks.

Lots of beautyberries reached maturity.

Once more the aloysia (almond) tree is in full bloom and full of bees and other insects. It is such a great smelling thing, how could we blame them for hanging out here. This blossom must be full of desirable nectar.

Slowly turning nandina berries.

A few blossoms on the Texas Sage.

Roses always struggle here through the summer but, the old garden roses hang on and most are beginning to bloom more and have bigger flowers.

Louis Philipe

And last but not least, one of my favorite, recent photos and the one that got so much response on Facebook - a Zebra Longwing swallowtail, Florida's state butterfly. 

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