Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fresh Cuts for Fall #2

I am "killing two birds with one stone" so to speak. Most all my rose bushes are blooming so I gathered some to make an arrangement to carry to the Rose Society meeting this afternoon at the beautiful Leu Gardens. That provided an opportunity to do this post with the Fresh Cuts theme.

I was quite happy with the way it turned out for both purposes.  It is a bit difficult to do a completely balanced look using this many different kinds, sizes, colors etc.  But, I liked what came together. I used a few sprigs of one of my favorite coleus plants and a few Wendy's Wish salvias.

To make a little fall vignette, I chose a wooden cut-out pumpkin, my new squirrel from the September Girls Celebration, the white pumpkin seen in the last Fresh Cuts post and the cedar slab.


Look at that cute little face!

A couple more of the large white roses would have evened out the look but, as always, I use what I have.
The white birch bark vase sure does lend itself to the woodsy Fall look. 

The Rose Society enjoyed the vase of roses on the refreshment table.  I didn't take the other things to use there. Wish now I had but maybe some of them will enjoy seeing them here.

The roses came back home with me but the coleus cuttings went home with two members who will start it growing in their gardens.
the end........


  1. The end... quite literally! haha Very nice arrangement!

  2. What a lovely fall vignette!! The flower arrangement is beautiful, and I especially like the birch vase! :-)

    1. I thought of you will doing this post - because of the cedar slab that you gave me and the vase.

    2. I like the cedar slab too! ;-)


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