Friday, September 19, 2014

Autumn #1

It's time to surround yourself with Autumn. I have been surrounded with the look of autumn for a few weeks already. Now, I begin to share some on here.

Before, I have methodically gone from room to room sharing on each post. With this post I am going to just skip around and show a few pictures from different rooms. I may go back to being more organized by the room next time, we'll see. This is a wreath from yesteryear, leaning on the bench on the back porch.
Some hydrangeas in a rustic basket. It is sitting in my living room.

Taken with a flash and showing truer colors.
The nighttime look and a bit more fall looking, I think.

I love the torn fabric ribbons especially those with script print. And keys are good for any time. Since the picture was made I cut off that one stray thread.

Just one section of one shelf in the white bookcase. Doesn't the fall bird look spiffy with his acorn hat and autumn colors!

Very cozy!

I decided to bring the big slab of cedar wood in off the porch for a different look here on the kitchen island.

I like it here for fall but, it is drying out and the cracks are widening so it will go back to the porch before long.
So, dive into fall and pick apples, gather colorful leaves, carve a pumpkin, meander down a country lane, make cinnamon toast, stack firewood........


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