Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Winter Kitchen......


........Continuing on with my after Christmas winter look.  Unlike the living room desk shelves and the last thing I showed, part of the dining room, the white style does not include the kitchen.  It is a little more colorful....

I am not sure I would be totally happy living in a small house without shelves to place a lot of things on.  If you do it thematically and/or color-coordinated, you can get away with a lot in a small space. You will recognize items in the pictures that you have seen before but they have never been used in this arrangement and there are a few new things, too.

When using so many small items in a small room like this one, in order to develop conformity, the whole room needs to be treated as a composition with things having a connection.
The Jonesborough (my hometown) sign was a Christmas gift this year from my daughter. The one loose apple is there on purpose to give more interest to the vignette. Do you agree that it does?
One day I noticed a spot of green down here where I store my onions.  I discovered they were sprouting!

I just left them in place until they were tall and running out of room.

I moved them to the top shelf and enjoyed seeing two of them get so tall they were falling over.

I may just start growing more things inside! I brought these turnips in and first thing I knew they also have sprouts. I cooked and enjoyed eating the turnip tops - the first ones. These have just started to grow.

The white hyacinth has bloomed here but it had sprouts when I bought it at Fresh Market. I was glad to see it is a white one.  I am really not a very colorful person, I guess.

The clippings from a basil plant, brought in from my yard, is lasting a long time in just a little water.  It has developed roots.  I forgot to light the candle before taking the picture.

The beverage station has been down-sized compared to last year.

As you can see, I have my own tea line now.  Actually, someone in England is using my name.
When I got this for Christmas I thought they were packaging tea in boxes with different names.  You know, like you can buy tree ornaments with your own name.  But, on closer examination, it is actually a company name.

I haven't tried it yet.


My mother and dad's picture on my families cookbook.
I think I will go and have a cup of tea.


  1. I really like winter white décor. Very pretty, Aunt Betty!

  2. I love your beautiful kitchen and the way you've decorated it. How special to find that tea! Enjoy a cup today! Hugs!


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