Thursday, March 5, 2015

On The Line - Clothesline.......

.........I have been seeing clotheslines on Pinterest and they bring back memories of having a clothesline myself.  It is not one of my favorite memories from days past.  In southeastern Pennsylvania when my two oldest children were small I had to hang clothes when it was difficult to get them pinned up before they froze stiff!  Hanging up clothes on warm days was a pleasant activity. I am sure many people will read this that have never had that experience.  Recently, I decided to have a temporary clothesline and make some new memories.......

I already had some cording that worked great and was the right length to be used between two trees in my backyard.  It might be the only clothesline ever strung around a palm tree!  I know there will never be any clothes freezing here.

I looked through some treasured mementos of my past and found just what I wanted to hang.  Not to dry but to show here and they will also be on Pinterest.
So, I will go down the line, so to speak, and tell why these are so precious to me.    These children's stockings are the only thing hanging that are a recent purchase.  I was in a local antique store hoping to find some more old clothespins or pegs as they are called by some.  While there I spotted these white cotton stockings and thought how great they would fit in with my clothesline post. I got them at a very reasonable cost.  And, here they are!

While I was taking the pictures the sun would be out bright for a few minutes and then go behind clouds. I am glad it was shining for this one. I love when I get the bokeh effect on some pictures. This is the longest pair and would go up over the thighs of a child that could wear this tiny foot size.

This is a little cotton gown, handmade by my mother who was born in 1900.  It was made for my little brother who was born in June 1926 and died in January 1929. My aunt Effie did the embroidery work. The second picture on down shows a little of the beautiful embroidery on the bottom of the gown. 

By the way, I found these dark very old clothespins that day I went searching.  They were also priced low. I suppose old clothespins are not in great demand!  I felt like these and the stockings were waiting there just for me.
Next in line is this jumpsuit that I bought for my first grandson Justin, born in 1980. A teddy bear that I made wore it for several years after Justin was too big for it.  I gave the bear away a few years back and am sooooooo glad that I didn't let the suit go with the bear.

I loved the sailor style and wish I had taken a shot of the back.

This is another very old item - worn by my mother-in-law when she was a little girl and was made by her mother, grandma Gordon.

I love everything about having this treasure. As a young married couple we visited grandma Gordon on a regular basis.

And last comes a tiny dress worn by my first child, Carla. Also, worn later by her little sister Carrie. Carla probably stood alone in this little thing. She started walking at seven months - could about outrun me at a year old.

Showing the cute details.

With a little sprig of Cilantro.

One more shot of the full line.
Folded and ready to go back to their storage place.
I hope to do at least one more clothesline post. I already have the pictures done for one with old linens.


  1. Love the post.....I sell antique linens and always wash and hang them out in the sun !
    Im a clothes line gal....we were a family of 4 and my mom worked and my job was washing and hanging clothes on the line..never used a dryer....lovely memories

    1. Thank you for looking and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like the idea of a clothesline but not the work.

  2. Replies
    1. I think I typed my thank you in the wrong box but maybe you will see it.

  3. What a clever post idea! It was fun to see the items on your clothesline. I love that you have kept some special clothes from your children and grandchildren. In my attic, I have a box labeled "keepsake" that contains some special outfits of my children. Some were also worn by their children too. It was especially fun to see my oldest granddaughter wear a little spring coat that her mother had worn.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. They are real treasures, aren't they. You might want to consider finding a cooler place to keep your special things since heat is hard on fabric.

  4. Love the blue bonnet. Reminds me of when I was little and was obsessed with Holly Hobbie.

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