Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Unfurling of Spring.......

   Spring really has unfurled in Florida. Actually it has looked spring-like for awhile now. Our trees leafed out long ago, starting with those bright, light green leaves and other things have followed right along.  My garden escaped without any frost/freeze damage - always so thankful for that.  This post is loaded down with pictures. It's so hard to hold back when I have so many. I am not going to say much more. In fact, this could almost qualify for a Wordless Wednesday post.

It is less than two weeks away from Spring officially arriving.  My blue-eyed grass has been blooming for about three weeks. The little yellow sprig is bulbine.
The blossoms are so tiny but I love them.

A lot of unfurling (literally) has been going on in the thickets of ferns.

These are wild, woods ferns that come up in my yard where they don't have a snowball's chance of looking good through the summer.

It's neat how the leaves are born.

This is in the center of my smallest bird's nest fern. A different-looking unfurling.


And, the giant Macho ferns.

These plants are getting about as tall as I am. And, have spread into big areas.  I enjoy the back shady yard more with them here.

Oh how I wish I could claim this picture but, no, it is a borrowed one. I seldom use other people's photos and will always tell you when I do. Isn't he the cutest!!!
I actually have a lot of plants blooming but will save most of those for other posts since you see them most of the year.  This is larkspur.


I am so glad to see Wendy's Wish blooming again.  This is what the hummingbirds like most in my yard.
A patch of Crocosmia. I have patches of these several places in the backyard. Like the Blue-eyed Grass they are tiny but make a big statement.


I just finished trimming the rose bushes back but several kinds are already blooming.

I rarely get a picture of Peggy Martin without having a bit of purple Tibouchina peeping in. This is the rose that develops into big clusters.

I  ended up saying more than planned but I did eliminate a few pictures.



  1. Looking good. I am a bit behind you.

    1. Thanks Lola. Did you ever get any Cleome plants growing?

  2. As usual, superb. I spotted the fancy clothespin!

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment and for taking the time to look.

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  4. This was a repeat of the first comment.


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