Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Little of March before it leaves to let April in..........

The month of March is almost gone and I'm wondering if it seems to you like me, it went so fast it seems like it wasn't even here!  Maybe it is because I have been really busy this month.  Obviously not busy doing blog posts! Trying to play catch up again!

One activity was attending my friend's annual "Spring Fling" which is always a highlight of this time of the year.

I don't always, and it is not a requirement, but this was a year that I managed to put together little gifts to take for everyone.

Just before the event I found these little spring-looking birds on sale at Michaels.  Exactly eight, the amount I needed. I regret not taking a picture of the chocolate dipped Oreo in the tiny white bag.  They were found at Home Goods and were decorated cute with a spring theme. I already had the little bags waiting for such a time as this.

I made little tags with a rubber stamp.  You can see an intricate piece of trim glued across the bottom. I had that in my stash already too and also the ribbon trim at the top.  The pretty clothespins used to clip on the tags were in one of Michael's bins. I already had the tiny pearl to use for the bunny tail.

This little paper butterfly was a bought-ahead, again from Michaels.


When you have eight of a thing all lined up it always seems like more than it really is. But, women are just little girls at heart and I think every one of us likes to receive little surprises.

Now, to start a new subject.  Anyone that has followed me long knows that I like to do vignettes of three or more things.  This one was on my kitchen island until it was time to get out things a bit more spring looking. I moved them a little closer together to do the photographs.
Now that I am showing this I am thinking I may have already done that. Sorry if that's the case. There are always new people looking so hopefully they will enjoy.

It's fresh rosemary in the jar.  It lasted a long time and I changed the small amount of water about three times.

Moving on, this is also a purchase made when I got the birds.  There it sat, just one left at 40% off.  It is a small, perfect for a cupcake-size cake plate. I knew it would not be good to not bring it home with me!  Before I got out of the store, I thought of the perfect use for it.  One of my friends had just fallen and broke her kneecap into two pieces.  I decided to take it to her at the rehabilitation place.

 I stopped at Fresh Market and got this beautiful cupcake for the plate. I can tell you it was very good because I had to eat this one because I didn't get it delivered in a timely manner!

I assure you, she got one just as pretty and I hope it was just as tasty!

Now one more little thing and we will be finished for today.  One day I moved the leaves of my violet plant and noticed several blooms underneath.  I decided to make a "fresh cut" arrangement. 
It looked so cute in the tiny cut glass pitcher.

The white flowers are from one of my favorite herbs that I grow - Cilantro.

The little handle must be about an inch and a fourth long. Sometimes great things come in small packages!! I am aware of the overuse of the word "little" in this post but it is one all about little things so I decided not to go back and delete any of the "littles".


  1. What a great use for that little cake stand. I thought it was a standard sized one until I read further. The little pitcher... did it happen to be a toothpick holder at one time? I seem to remember seeing something similar used for that purpose. Your way is prettier, though!

    1. I knew everyone would think at first that the stand was full size. I was probably drawn to it because of its size. The little pitcher could easily be a toothpick holder. Or, it might have been a salesman's sample. Some of the quality miniatures were used by salesmen. It is heavy for its size.

  2. Great post with a lot of great ideas!

    1. Thank you for being a dedicated follower, Teresa. I always appreciate your comments, too.


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