Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lil' Garden and more......

I recently spent about an hour working in the Lil' Garden on the back porch. Boy, did it ever need it!  So, that is what you will see today and it has been quite a while since it has been on here.  Remember, it is the size of a litter box.

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. Maybe next time I will move it on out in the big yard to photograph and might get sharper images. I replaced all the "grass", a big improvement. I wish I could do that in the big yard! For anyone seeing for the first time you will notice scale is not something I have paid a lot of attention to.
This is the front entrance and you will notice Cluck and Cluck Cluck (head barely showing) are right up there to welcome you to the Lil' Garden.

Back behind the entrance is Honk still guarding the egg. And the two frogs are playing in and around the birdbath - their favorite place.

A little wider view shows the stepping stone path that goes back to the right back corner where the little boys are resting from playing ball. Two tiny rabbits have joined them and two bigger rabbits are interested in the little girl.
A close look at the garden angel.

I see Tom the turtle has taken my seat again.  I hope he has not been drinking my coffee!

Now, we will move from the back porch to the front door.  If I am remembering correctly, I never got around to showing the spring wreath there.....

I just stuck some spring looking flowers into this basket, made a new bow and brought out the tiny birds.  The bow is a bit over-sized but I like the print on the ribbon enough to leave it that way. I wish you could see the details a little better.

Off to the left wall very near the door and just above the porch bench is this window box.  The moss covered wreath is all I put in the box for spring. The sprig of greenery is a bit weird but sometimes I like weird.
A simple look on the bench - a pillow and a maidenhair fern.  I bought the fern for a friend and it is taking so long for me to get it to her that I have grown accustomed to this look and might need to go get myself a maidenhair fern!
On over near the front corner of the house is a new Spring flag.

I like to use seasonal flags here but they fade out so quickly in our Florida sun.
As always, thank you for the visit.  I have a hunch the next post might come from my kitchen.


  1. Such a cute collection of minis and I love your displays. And pretty plants too. Those are my weakness.

  2. Thank you, Kim. I think my outdoor "rooms" have about taken over my interest, decorating and time!


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