Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A glimpse of Autumn - outside........

..........There is not much time left before the beautiful autumn season will be over-powered by Christmas and all that goes with it. So, here is a glimpse of autumn around the outside of my house...........

The big angel just received a fresh coat of paint which was sorely needed. Now, he looks quite content here on the old bench...........

...........and looks even better with a pretty fall themed book to look at.


On the front porch is the same wreath I have used for a couple of years before but, this year I gave it a new bow. 
The big, plaid bow gave it a better look and the wreath will be good for a few more years.

Just left of the front door - my black bench is the perfect place for a few pumpkins, a very large acorn and colorful fall leaves. 
On the right side of the door, on a very narrow wall hangs this unusual metal pine cone that fits in with the fall look.
Yes, fallen leaves on the porch! Even if I have to find pretty ones and do it myself.

Just off of the porch and a few feet away is a small tree with this glass and metal, bird feeder acorn.  It hangs here year round but I think this is a good time to feature it here.  Acorns are a special interest to me and are a big part of fall decorating, especially inside. Hopefully, in a day or two I will post a few pictures from a couple of inside rooms.
I post so many plant pictures and didn't plan to include any in this post but, decided this one blends with the theme so well as it sits right next to the little walk up to the front porch.
Be sure to check back soon to see more autumn treasures..........



  1. My favorite time of year. Until the frost lasts past 8 in the morning. Then I'm ready for spring. haha

    1. "Until the frost lasts past 8 in the morning" is a neat phrase. I don't like fall as much as I use to and I think it is because it doesn't last long enough and I don't like what follows - with the risk of a bunch of plants getting frozen.


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