Thursday, November 12, 2015

Signs of the Season......

When you live in central Florida you don't experience some of the signs of Autumn. We have been having many days this month with record high temperatures. So our fall does not depend on weather. By now though, we normally would be enjoying cooler days pretty regularly. I make a point of noticing other things and make the best of those. They usually have to do with color.

Inside it has looked like fall for a few weeks. I pack up "summer" and put out a lot of fall decorations. This open book is all I am showing from inside today. If you are like me and are a picture person more than a reading person as regards to magazines you would love this book. It is Southern Lady Magazine's Collector's issue - Autumn In The South. Beautiful, beautiful pictures here! This opening is displayed on a small table in my sitting room.

Moving on to the outside here is the first of a few recent pictures I selected, basically for the colors.
I always have some monarch's that hang around, not choosing to join the others who have migrated to Mexico.

I have sort of specialized in Coleus this year and have several that most certainly give me the fall colors.

A close-up of the same urn planter.

This one is in several locations around the yard. And there are more kinds, too many to show all.

I hadn't associated this hibiscus with autumn until now. This picture with the blurred coleus in the background lends it's self for "thinking fall". 

My Gloriosa lilies are thick and healthy and have just started blooming. Orange, yellow, red and green: Fall!
Thanksgiving is almost here but, these wild turkeys are really too much like pets to associate them with turkey day. Although, I am sure they will eat here that day, too.

One more Coleus.

I have beautiful fall colors with these - Abutilon, parlor maple.

This little squirrel was so busy trying to decide where to hide his acorn for winter that he didn't seem to be concerned with me and my camera. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he doesn't really need to hide food for later, there should be plenty for all, then too! They don't have big, thick fur coats and big bushy tails - not really needed in our winter weather!
This may make you feel sorry for me, but don't. I have had tons of leaves fall in the yard already and have raked them up and got rid of them. They continue to fall but none are pretty leaves! So, I scatter a few artificial ones on my little front porch and down the walk.
Thank you for stopping by to see how I get in the fall mood.


  1. I love your coleus! I've been thinking I'd like to specialize in something and coleus are definitely interesting to me. They're easy to grow. And there's so much more variety than I ever realized! Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you. I think they are wonderful - for color and variety of leaf shapes and easy to root the cuttings. Mine have grown so fast I have had a hard time keeping them trimmed back.


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