Sunday, November 29, 2015

Farewell to Fall..........

..........I am ready to say goodbye to the fall look. And, I imagine that a lot of you have already brought out your Christmas decorations. I am a few days behind where I would usually be at this time. And, I wouldn't be showing these autumn pictures except I said in the last post that I would...........

I have selected only a few things out of many that make up my fall look inside. It would take about three more posts to show most of it.

I always enjoy this arrangement of fall leaves and bare branches, especially when it is lit at night.

This little fall adorned bird has been relaxing here on the bookcase desk........

.....flanked by a squirrel on each side. Without any planning to, squirrels have become a big part of my fall look. Also, acorns and of course pumpkins too.

Many of these little cuties have been gifts and serve a great purpose in my décor as well as a reminder of these special giving friends.



My paperback book pumpkin that I made a few years ago.

Two old crows standing in front of an open book.

Fall, the special time of Thanksgiving is also a joy-filled time.

Another open book with some small things in front.

A little wooden pumpkin sitting on a metal leaf.

A paper mache bird all done up in fall colors.

A little assortment on the lamp table.

This heavy glass acorn is new this year. It sparkles and is prettier than it shows in the picture.
Speaking of sparkles, the next home décor you will see on here will, without a doubt, be Christmas. Can you believe it! We are having unseasonably warm weather, even for Florida so it is hard to think it is time for Christmas.
The next post might be something from my garden because I have more than you can imagine blooming out there.

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