Friday, February 17, 2012

Company's Coming.......


     ..........Yes, lots of company, four groups in the next few weeks.  So I have been working on the guest room to get it ready. 

                                  This first picture didn't download right but I'm leaving it as is for now.

 As a part of my vow to clean and organize drawers, etc. I had already begun doing that in this room before I knew I would be getting guests this weekend.  This spare room had become more of a storage place for extras that I didn't know what to do with!  The contents in the drawers are in much better order and I ended up with two empty drawers for the guests to use!  And, the best part, there is nothing sitting/laying around that doesn't belong in here!!

When I first moved to this house about nine years ago this chocolate brown paint color was popular. I became bold and painted this room with it. The color is no longer popular but I still like it for here.

The room is so difficult to photograph!  You can't back up far enough and the pictures have to be taken from an odd angle, not to mention the darkness.

And, have you ever tried to photograph a wall of mirrors!!! You have the flash bouncing around, get multiple pictures of parts of yourself, etc. 

I included this dresser area in a Christmas post when I had the white christmas trees standing in this vintage suitcase.

After Christmas was put away I gathered up a few old things that I have collected over the years and made this little vignette.

The little folded dress on the right is one I bought in an antique store for my grandaughter to wear to her first tea party.  She is now in college.  I sure wish I had the picture of her wearing it to include here. I may add it later if I have time to find it and scan.

Also on the dresser is this metal handkerchief box.

It is filled with old handkerchiefs. We don't hear that word very often, do we?  The one with the "D" and the blue striped one were my dad's.  He was born in 1899!

At the foot of the bed with about two feet between is the chest of drawers.

The little pair of mary Janes are doll shoes and the reason I would have them here is because I wore Mary Jane shoes as a small child. Again I wish I had my picture handy.

This is a picture of me and my younger sister. My daughter, Carla got the picture from another family member and framed it and decorated the mat with flowers and presented it to me last year.  I love having it!

The table beside the bed.

On this table is the photo album of my wonderful whirlwind day in Paris with Carrie and Mark about seven years ago.

Off the subject here ( I did have a subject, didn't I)  but I had to show one opening of the book. 

The flash makes this look much brighter. The berries are a darker red.

A little welcoming velvet heart on the door.
I am so happy to have this little room free of clutter and cleaned up and ready! Just hope no one looks under the bed! Now, I need to get busy and work on my bedroom!  I am likely to have low visibility in blogland for awhile as I spend time with my people.


  1. Oh, what a lovely room. Would love to know what that wall color is? So inviting! I love this room and know your guests will too! They should consider themselves very lucky to have a host like yourself - so considerate! Have fun with your people!

    1. Thank you, Lilly. I don't remember the paint name or even where I got it. I usually use Sherwin Williams paint.

  2. Yes, a very lovely bedroom. I love the chocolate color in the bedroom. The darker colors are supposed to make the rooms more cozy and restful than brighter colors and I agree. Your guest room is VERY inviting and I love all the vignettes of special items with special memories. Four groups?? You are going to be one busy lady! Enjoy your time with them, relax and have fun!!

  3. Sending some love your way:

    LOVD tidings!


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