Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Looking Like Spring In My Yard........

..........Looking and feeling like spring enough to make the snowman flag look pretty silly. So, I took it down and hung this spring flag.

I have so many pictures to share this time that I will mostly let them speak for themselves.

Azaleas are blooming really good this year. Mine is a spindly bush but that is the kind I like best.

This guy is what took me out in the yard with my camera.  He was giving great poses and looked me straight in the eye.

My newest yard ornament.

'Ole Louis Philippe just outside the screen porch.

No color enhancement needed here.

Clerodendrom almost always has a few blooms.

Texture and structures in the garden are as important as plants!

The African Irises are starting to bloom.

I have loved this goofy "bird" and the spider plant is perfect for it.

Sunbeams were  featuring certain things in the backyard this morning.

This pair was trying to catch some rays.  This is right at the edge of my property and looks onto my neighbor's uncleared land.

I built the big birdhouse several years back.  I made the hole large and put it up as high as I could, hoping for an owl to call it home but I never have seen any bird move in.

She is resting in the warmth of the sun.

Macho fern and red salvia.


I was pleased to see that the blue-eyed grass is starting to bloom.

Blue-eyed grass is the smallest iris.

Now we are on the back porch because I want you to see the slab of cedar wood that my niece, Freida brought to me.  It is shaped like a butterfly.

It is perfect to display this little dish of succulents.

I am expecting my next company to arrive tomorrow evening and I will probably not post again until the end of next week.  Enjoy your days no matter what is or is not blooming!


  1. That squirrel as well as your flowers are quite the show-offs. And, did you know you have fairies in your garden or am I the only one that can see them?

  2. Lily you are such a great expressionist! Is that a word. I know impressionist is. You know what I mean. It means a lot to me to have comments here.


  3. Beautiful creations of God! Your pictures show what you are seeing! Love your yard ornaments. Reminds me of the secret garden! Love you

  4. Thanks for the encouragement concerning my afghan. I think it will get finished ...... sometime. I enjoyed the tour of your garden. The rusty wagon and pot are very nice together showing color and texture. I once had a fairy like the one reading the book but broke her. I always thought she was cute. You have put me in the mood to get outside and at least clean my garden. Have a nice time with your company and visit me again when you have time.---------- Shannon

  5. Betty, your garden is lovely. The flowers, the sun dancing through the shadows and all of the lovely architectural elements make for such an interesting place to be and enjoy. I'm envious :)
    And the butterfly-shaped cedar piece? God is creative, isn't He?
    More company? You are definitely one busy woman! I hope you have a wonderful visit.

  6. Enjoy your company! I'm hoping for one more hard I want to redo some landscaping in the backyard and it would be easier that way!

  7. So beautiful! I envy you Floridians with all your flowers blooming! My sister just posted some photos of her Azaleas. She lives in the Tampa area. Enjoy your beautiful garden, Betty!


  8. How wonderful things look! You have some sweet garden art. You certainly have the jump on spring there. I also enjoyed seeing your wonderful family post. SO nice for so many of you to get together!


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