Monday, February 13, 2012

Stir Your Sense of Pleasure........

     ........This giant cake pop will do it!!!   

The cake pop is yellow cake rolled in some kind of creamy puffy mixture and covered with colored coconut. Yummy, yummy taste but a bit too sweet for me. The fresh strawberries are just what it needs to cut some of the sweetness.

Two out of the three Dove candies told me to Stir my sense of pleasure!  Sure worked for me.

I wish I could give you the recipe for the cake pop but, it came straight from the Publix bakery.  This might just be the start of a once a year tradition for me. I wanted to go to Pappy's Patch and pick strawberries but they weren't picking yesterday. So, these are also from Publix.

Did you know that three a day of these dark chocolate Dove pieces are good for you?

How do you like my spoon stand?  It was a gift from my son one Christmas.  It also works well with a flat plate.

I cut most of my roses to bring in yesterday knowing it would get down to freezing temperature last night. The roof tops and grass were covered with frost when I first got up this morning.

I am sure I had damage to plants that I couldn't bring in and didn't cover!  What a shame, especially when it will be back to eighty degrees two days from now!!

This rose is Old Blush.

I love the little buds about as much as the open blossom. Old Blush is not particularly good for cut arrangements. Except for one Knock-out rose all my roses are antique roses. Since I don't spray the bushes, the Knock-out looks ugly half the time so I may get rid of it.

Old Blush grows in a full and upright bush and is a favorite for the south.  It has been much used for hybridization. It is said that General Lee wore an Old Blush rose in his lapel at his surrender.

The blossom on the right is G. Nabonnand - one of my favorites. It is a little past its best look here but I still like it. Unlike a lot of old roses it can have nice long stems.

I appreciate you for spending a little time here on my blog with me!  I hope your sense of pleasure has been stirred!!


  1. The spoon stand is so sweet - how unique!

  2. Your little dessert looks yummy and the tad bit of chocolate does a body good. LOL I don't know that we have Publix stores in our area. What a shame, huh? :)
    Your flowers are so lovely. I'm especially drawn to the pale pinks.
    And your spoon pedestal? That is one unique and adorable idea. You have a very special son to think of you in this way.

  3. How lovely to see your homegrown roses! Crazy weather! Love that spoon stand. SO unusual! Thanks so much for coming by! I may have to do that tablecloth now!

  4. Betty a beautiful post!!! The spoon stand is very unique a lovely gift from your son.
    You pulled off Valentines beautifully!
    Hugs Rosemary..xoxo

  5. I love your spoon stand! I've never seen one like that before...very unique. And, the cake pop looks yummy. Didn't see those in my Publix. :)


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