Thursday, February 2, 2012

"I Send Thee Pansies...............

     ...........while the year is young, yellow as sunshine, purple as the night; Flowers of remembrance.........."   ~~~ Sarah Doudney

Mary Elizabeth Benet collected and cultivated every sort of viola tricolor she could procure in her fathers garden at Walton-Upon-Thames.  Mary and her gardener, William produced a large variety of pansies via cross-breeding.

"The very sunshine loved them, and would lie here happy, coming early, lingering late, because they were so fair."  Robert Buchanan

They were introduced to the horticultural world in 1813 known as heartsease.

By 1833 there were 400 named pansies! The name pansy was derived from the french word pense'e (thought) because of its resemblance to a pensive human face.
It has been almost too hot here for pansies this winter.

Pansy artwork has, and still does, adorn many things including china.  This small cup and saucer is covered with pansies. I love its little butterfly shaped handle.

Another one of a kind cup and saucer in my collection.

This one has great style with its square saucer.

The violet is in the viola/pansy family too.  Did you know the flowers contain valuable nutrients? Have you eaten any violets lately?

Violets have also been a favorite art subject for dishes. This is one of my favorite tea pots.

So delicate!

I found this crocheted pansy doily years ago at a garage sale. Ladies once put doilies over pitchers to keep the flies out of the lemonade.

I have a lot of these cups with violets. I found them in an antique store, also many years ago. They had all lost their mates (saucers).  I knew they would be perfect to use as punch cups when I use my large stoneware bowl that blends with the colors on the cups.  I still remember they were $3. each.

"The beauteous pansies rise in purple, gold and blue, with tints of rainbow hue mocking the sunset skies"  ~ Thomas Ouseley


  1. Enjoyed your pansies, Nice end to my workday, Looking forward to gardening in the spring, You make me get the itch.

  2. Thank you for visiting and for your nice comment!

  3. I love your entire post. I've eaten flowers in salads before, but can't remember if it was a pansy or violet? Where ever do you store all these beautiful pieces of china. You are a lucky lady to be surrounded by such beauty. Thanks for visiting me today and for your encouraging comment. xxoo

  4. I love these little flowers!!! They are so dainty and so pretty in the garden. Problem is when they start growing, it's hard to tell if it's a weed or not. :/
    I am coveting your little pansy doily. I didn't know about putting doilies over pitchers. Learn something new every day.
    And your china collection of pansies is beautiful...delicate china with delicate flowers. A perfect combination!

  5. Preciosas y delicadas tazas. Un cariñoso saludo. Manoli

  6. Longing for spring flowers now!...beautiful dishes

    1. Thank you Vicki for visiting and leaving your comment. I had somehow lost contact with your blog. It was no longer on my reading list or blogs I reccommend. I must have made a wrong click somehow. Glad to have you back.

  7. Your cups and saucers are exquisite.

  8. Loved your page! I found you because I have an identical little cup and saucer, the one with the purple pansies and butterfly wing handle. I am trying to find out more about it. Do you know what it is? Where it is from? Who made it? Value? Anything?

  9. Love your post! I found you because I have an identical little cup and saucer, the one with purple pansies and the butterfly wing handle. I was trying to find out more about this little treasure. Do you know anything about it? Who made it? Where it is from? Value? Anything? Thank you!

    1. Susan, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the post. About the cup and saucer, I don't know much about it other than it was new when it was given to me just a few years back and is not especially valuable.


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