Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Update.....

........Things are looking pretty good and I have several things blooming .  Some aren't as full as I would like to see them but I guess I am asking for perfection. I won't be showing everything, just chose a few for this post.

This blue salvia has grown very tall.

Thunbergia is also tall but isn't producing very many flowers so far.

                 The bell shaped blossom is so vivid in color.  I want to see a lot of them all at once!

I like seeing my British crown in the background.

The peace lilies are blooming good.

Sweet potato vine has come back good and is finally getting rid of freeze damage.

Nice color on this lantana too.  Butterflies love it.

I am beginning to see baby ones of this macho fern coming up several places.  I have been trying for years to get plants to naturalize and fill in bare spots.  I am more encouraged this spring than any time before.  Several things have decided to spread.

This calibrachoa had declined but has made a good comeback.  I guess it pays to use liquid fertilizer on certain plants!

I forgot to get a picture of this Florida dogwood (mock orange) until it had dropped most of its blossoms.  It did not bloom as full this year anyhow.

I nearly always have the enjoyment of some type of wildlife when I am in the yard.  This time it was a pair of brown doves.  I didn't get a good picture of the mate.  You can be sure if you see one of these that a second is nearby.

The caladiums are starting to fill in some bare spots.  I sure wish they could stay year round.

                                                                 This is one of my favorites.

This Easter cactus tried but it did not quite make it to be in full bloom for Easter.  I didn't know there was an Easter cactus until my son brought this one to me last year in full bloom. It is a bit more upright than the Christmas cactus.

I was so excited when I discovered last week that I have a baby pineapple growing!  I almost got rid of the plant because it had gotten so bad looking but I decided to trim it up and give it a chance to pull through. I am so glad that I did.

Hopefully we can watch this fruit mature together. I think it takes a good while so we will just patiently watch.


  1. Betty, I enjoyed the tour of your garden. You have quite a lovely variety of plants. The pineapple plant is very attractive and the little one growing is fun to see. It is supposed to get cool here this weekend so I'm holding off on planting tender plants. I'm anxious to get started! ------------- Shannon

  2. Love the tour! You are so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty.


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