Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An intimate Spring Setting at the Edge of the Woods ....

It seemed just the kind of day to be out in the shade to enjoy the spring weather and a little refreshment.......

I cut a few sprigs of woodland greenery, a few flowers and took this opportunity to use the rabbit picks that I have had unused for years. I remember getting them at JoAnns after Easter at 70% off.  They are beautiful metallic colors.

I moved the little garden table to the shade just at the edge of a stand of trees.  I had been wanting to use this spring-looking tablecloth I got a GW.  It was a great bargain.  It is circled with flowers, ducks and rabbits. Looks like this might be its first use.

I gathered together my rabbit plates and eggcups, all from Hallmark.  I have a friend who likes to shop at Hallmark for gifts.  These came from her.

I had found these beautiful, large cookies at Big Lots.  They came individually, tightly sealed in plastic and also in a see-through bag and tied with a ribbon.

Still wrapped but, isn't it pretty!

A pretty, lacey napkin always seems to fit a spring setting.

The other color plate (I also have a yellow and a blue one).  The cookies are large and came in three different designs - $1 each

A small glass of ice cold water with a rosemary/lemon spear.  Slice the lemon thin and fold it so you can put the rosemary through two folds. This is so refreshing!  Why don't I think to have it more often! Especially since I have rosemary year round.

A close-up of the centerpiece.

Someone is thinking - those rabbits shouldn't all be headed in the same direction.  But, their ribbon bows are all on this side.

I love this little spot with the table all fancied up! The birds were singing, the rabbits playing and a big kite (bird) was soaring overhead.  They are so graceful and occasionally come swooping down pretty low.

                           A nice relaxing afternoon.  Oh, by the way, the big cookies are yummy!


  1. Very pretty! I wish that I could sit in the shade at that table with you!

  2. The table setting was so pretty....Were did you say you got the tablecloth? DH

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you. I got it at Goodwill. I think it was 3.99.


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