Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life After Oral Surgery.....

.......I am thinking I need to get something on here or you all will think I'm gone for good. I had two hours of surgery and started to the car and had to hurry back to the chair because of excessive bleeding and stayed thirty more minutes for applied pressure and then one more stitch. I sure am glad it is over and would not want to do it again but I have gotten along quite well after coming home. I haven't been taking many pictures in the last week but.........

.......got a few shots from the sofa, through the glass door and screen on the porch.  These guys helped entertain me when I didn't feel like doing much.

The birds and squirrels were very active out there.

These goofy woodpeckers are enough to keep your mind off of your troubles. He is leaning back ckecking out the little tit mouse on top.

He really has a red head but is not the one called the red-headed wood pecker.

The cardinals are so much more graceful and mild-mannered.

The squirrels cannot get to the seed but it sure doesn't keep them from trying - time after time.

My friend Lynda brought me this large, pretty, creamy white magnolia from the tree in her yard.

She also brought this pear soap and cute dish along with a very large baked to prefection potato with toppings. It was so good - one of the best I have had in years.

I still can't chew anything much at all and am beginning to wonder if I ever will again!  It will just have been a week tomorrow so I guess it is too soon to get discouraged. Yesterday I tried to make one more plate of soft food look tempting. It didn't work!  I would love to have a big bag of potato chips or better yet a big juicy steak!


  1. I do hope you feel better soon. Been there, done that.

  2. Oh dear.. not fun..
    Hope you heal quickly and feel better soon.

    That magnolia---beautiful, and the pear soap... simply yummy!!

  3. Sorry you are under the weather, loved the pictures taken from your sofa, I have the red headed woodpecker at my cabin on Marsh Creek, along with an upside down woodpecker, goes up the tree backwards, will try to get some pictures posted now that my work is coming to an end, enjoy seeing your site, take care

  4. hope you are healing well! your pictures are gorgeous!! We had that same "squirrel proof" bird feeder....after one week on squirrel figured out he could jump on the feeder and spill the seeds to the ground....it was a huge meess! and a huge feast for the squirrels.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Lord, I hope you are starting to feel better, goodness that was some surgery. I just got back from the Fancy Flea, I will get picks up soon. You said you were trying to get to my booth this next week, Oh, don't go now, it is empty since I have been working on the Fancy flea. Give me a week!!



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