Monday, April 9, 2012

Not all rust is created equal.......

.......I had not thought much about it before and some of you may start wishing I had not thought of it at all but, I realize that I really like some rust.  Not all rust but some is very desirable. For instance.....

....this rusty trowel.  It was already rusted when I bought it. In fact, if it had been a new metal look I wouldn't have wanted it.  And, I like the nice smooth old-looking handle. These first things are on my screen porch.

This stool was also rusty when I purchased it years ago at "When Pigs Fly". It has rusted a good bit more since then because it gets wet here on the porch. This is why I started to think about rust in the first place. I noticed last week that the feet are starting to disintegrate.

This is a metal hanger.

Here is the bottom.  The jar hanging from it looks rusty but that is paint.

These bumble bees have very rusty wings and spirals.

I have a set of three of these standing in the ginger bed outside. I love their rusty corrugated roofs and chippy paint. They are getting so chippy as to have nearly no paint left.

They are not real birdhouses because they are made from four by fours and are solid.  This one has a nice green color mixed with its rusty roof.

Another birdhouse with a rusty roof.  It's "home sweet home" sign needs to be repainted.

One of my most treasured pieces of rust is this crown from London.  My daughter mailed it over when she was living there.  One thing about rust is that eventually it will destroy things. This is one piece that I oil every once in awhile hoping to make it last longer.

I love this old rusty and moss covered bench!

I had to have two trees removed from this area and now the bench is more exposed and doesn't look like it belongs here like it use to. Before it was like a little secret garden area.

A rusty obelisk.

This is one of many hose guides all of which have become homes to rust. I don't especially like them rusty so they will all get spray painted soon.

The finial will remain rust covered.

I am not liking this rust at all and will need to scrub it with my metal brush and give it a new coat of paint.

A tall hose guide.

And, another.

I have a set of three of these and so far, I like their rusted look.

I like the rusty bent-tine rake but, need to paint the cage.

And finally, one more rusty trowel - love it!  Should have gotten rid of the spider webs before I took the picture, though.  I have several other rusted things but will spare you.  What about you?  Do you appreciate some rust or are you thinking, what a ridiculous post!



  1. Rust means the item has been used for a long time.

  2. I never thought of rust being pretty, but after seeing all your things I think I may leave some of my rusty things in the garden alone and just let them be. I just love the crown, it is so pretty.

  3. Love, love , love AlL your rusty stuff !!

    Rust is one of my favorite patina's :)

    Years, and years, and years ago, I was hiking in the mountains, and found a rusty, crusty old bolt-type piece off of an old wagon.
    My dad brushed it up for me, (leaving the rust in-tact of course) and sprayed it with a clear coat.
    It has lasted a good 25 years like that...with no further decay., I spray all my rusty stuff with clear coat, and it seems to do the trick.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful, rusty pieces.

  4. Gorgeous pieces, goodness we are going to have a lot of painting to do when rusty goes out of style LOL! I was thinking, I have heard of over people spraying their rusty stuff with clear acrylic?



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