Friday, September 20, 2013

Going Full Fledged Into Fall

I have had fall things out for a few weeks already and have only posted a little glimpse on here. I think it's time to start going full fledged with fall! Yes, it is time to show this little nest in the colors of fall.

There is far more concentration of Autumn here in the desk, in my sitting room, than the rest of the house and is a good place to start. This area kind of takes the place of the big mantle in my other house that I used to love to decorate for the seasons. This picture is made with a flash and the next without. This shows more true colors but the next one is clearer.


The next several will show close-ups of the same area. I love my little timed candle.


The wool pumpkin that was new last year from Coldwater Creek. It was a much better price than their clothes!

And, a paperback book pumpkin that I made two years ago. Always birds! I rotate some of them according to the seasons.

I have several acorns made of different materials and sporting various fall colors. I haven't seen many acorns I didn't like! The squirrel looks like he is thinking, "it's too big to be true!"

A night shot with candles burning.  I only use battery or small tea lights on these wooden shelves.



Very nearby is this little half table.

I love the little paper bird, also from Coldwater Creek.

A large book with an Autumn tag I made last year resting against it.
The same page shown without the tag. I always have open seasonal books displayed in this room. Picmonkey was not cooperating this afternoon or I could have improved a few of these pictures a little.

This is a start of showing my fall d├ęcor but there will be a lot more to come.
Have you found yourself with crisper, sweater weather and wanting to have one foot inside and the other still out in the garden?
Even here, in central Florida the sunlit days are becoming shorter and I'm not sure I would call the air crisp, but the nights are cooling down a bit and most days start out pretty pleasant. I am wanting to feel cozy in some autumn clothes or under a snuggly blanket sipping a good cup of hot apple cider.


  1. Wow do I love your decorating style. I wish you were around to do your magic at my home! I just love what you can do with a hutch display. Happy Fall and Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to look and for your nice encouragement! And, thank you for the wishes. You are so good to remember!

  2. Your Fall decorations are looking cute! I love the little squirrel in wonderment at the giant acorn. Finally, just starting today, I have been feeling a little bit of Autumn decorating coming on. Your pretty pictures have helped give me the fall "decorating bug".

    1. Susie, thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice words. I hope you have fun with your decorating and enjoy Fall.

  3. I think this was the post I needed to see to get me in the mood to decorate!

  4. Thanks always for looking. Have a good time doing your own decorating and show us some pictures.

  5. Lovely! I had to agree with what Mr. squirrel might be thinking about that acorn. Lol :)
    I started decorating for fall yesterday as it had still been rather hot here in OK. Finally got some cooler temps and I was able to start getting in the mood bit, unfortunately,it's supposed to start getting hot and humid again by the end of the week. Grrr....Fall can't get here soon enough!

  6. Thanks for visiting again Velma. We can't consider temperature here when it comes to starting fall. I just start decorating regardless and hope the cool air will show up soon. Since I do a good bit I figure it is too much work (play) not to have it out long - Christmas will be here before we know it!

  7. It's gorgeous and you have more!!?? Wow, I have hardly any fall decor, it is so hard to get in the swing of it here in Orlando when the air conditioner is still running 24/7!



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