Monday, September 16, 2013

New in the Guest Room.....

I was having thoughts of needing to look for a new bedspread for my tiny guest room. It was not so much of wanting a different look as wanting a bedspread that could be left on the bed and be used when the room is being used. The two I had before were so very heavy and needed to be removed when the bed was being used. The room is so tiny that there was no good place to put the rolled up spread. And, with all closets filled to the top, I don't have any place to tuck another thing out of sight! So, one day as I walked through K-Mart, not looking for a bedspread (who would there?) there it was!  I knew I needed to have a white one, light weight and inexpensive.  I liked what I was seeing but since changing the spread wasn't an urgent need I left the store without it. A few weeks went by but, my thoughts kept returning to that spread I had seen. After all, it really did fit the requirements.

Heading out to the store I had decided if they still have one in the size I need, I am getting it!! They had just a few of them left and at first I thought the queen size was all gone but, did find one. I like the old style chenille look and it's simple design.  It was not a package deal - only the spread.

I am still using the shams and pillows and throw ( at bottom) that I had with the old spread.

I like the combination just fine.  The shams still work partly because of the pictures just above the bed and the white spread works because of the white curtains on the one window. I did bring the crocheted pillow out of storage to add. My sister made it years ago and I am glad to put it on display again.

How do you like my red shoes parked by the bed?  I think they will stay here until the rare occasion that I might wear them or a guest needs the room.

This is the top of a chest of drawers, with a red runner. This is sitting at the foot of the bed.  It is so difficult to get any good pictures in this room because of lighting, mirror reflections and lack of room. Of course, there is just one light sitting here. I always question what different viewers see in the pictures, using various electronics, some probably quite small,  to look at the blog.  

A little whimsy never hurts, and the picture puts a touch of red on this wall. The doll is reading a good-night story to the bear. As you can easily tell, I am not using current, trendy things.  I use mismatched things I like and have.  There is not a speck of Annie Sloan paint to be found anywhere in my house. Although I wouldn't be against using it and I do have painted wood pieces, here and there.
Nothing but mirrors on this wall. I decided to show the other things in the room even though some of you have seen them a few times before. You may see a shot of this again later after it gets a sprig or two of Christmas greenery.

On the dresser to the left side of the old suitcase is this early picture of my mom and dad and a ribbon embroidered velvet bag.

I don't know what the intended purpose was for this brass stand, but it seemed like the logical thing to help show some of my small glove collection.
A folded throw, a baby dress and an old hand mirror - inside the suitcase.

On the back of the open suitcase, an old gown with a pretty crocheted bodice and a plain cotton bottom.

 The other reason I chose the subject for this particular post is the other new thing that none of you have seen. I needed another clock like a dog needs ticks!!! But, I didn't walk away from this oval black and red clock while browsing at Home Goods one day. I didn't even think of using it in this room when I purchased it but this seems to be the best place for it. 
 I pulled the chair out from under the sewing machine cabinet so you can see that the bottom has a needlepoint covered cushion that blends with the other reds.

The picture makes the red here look a little lighter and brighter than it looks in the room. I love the side to side oval shape and of course, the colors.

Finally, a velvet heart pillow hanging on the welcoming door. Now, all that is needed is an overnight guest(s) to be put on the schedule!  First come - first served!


  1. Love the new bedspread! I'll have to come check it out :-)

  2. I thought about you as I was doing this post. You do need to come, spend some nights and see if it is a keeper.

  3. Please put me on your dance card, Betty. Your guest room is lovely.

  4. Thank you for stopping by again and for you nice compliment.

  5. This is such a nice room for your guests, Betty! And I heartily approve of your pretty new bedspread. I love the chenille too. We have room to toss a spread, but it doesn't make sense to me. I like something pretty and lightweight that stays on the bed. We recently had a very pretty crocheted coverlet that my husband loves because it stays put! I love your showcase suitcase too! It adds so much cozy charm!

  6. A very pretty room for your guests to enjoy! I think adding the white bedspread was a great idea as I think it gives a nice pop of brightness to a very cozy, inviting room.

  7. Thanks, Velma. It does lighten up the room and is a fresh look.


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