Saturday, September 28, 2013

Want to see more fall?

Continuing on with my fall décor...........

If you haven't seen the first two posts you could find them here and here


"Cinnamon, nutmeg and cream - warm, flavorful hues all, and as soothing to live with as soft music and lamplight."

Summer has stepped off the stage in favor of autumn, and we have gotten a hint of an approaching mellow season, even here in central Florida.

You saw a teaser of my new pumpkin for 2013, in one of the first posts. Here it is proudly taking the spotlight with the stacked pumpkins I made three years ago in the background.  They are sitting on the end table along with.......

........three little candle holders that I found at Goodwill.

On the floor just to the right of the table is a little antique stool holding a vase of fall branches.

Here it is with the lights not burning.

I printed out one of my favorite fall sayings and put it in this lacy frame. I was hoping to insert a new quote for this year but haven't thought of it at the right time.

Along the wall just inside the front door is this table which usually gets changed out for the different seasons.  I just have the very small foyer and the wall next to the foyer painted in this color. Because of the flash it looks a bit more yellowish and brighter in the picture.


  While unpacking fall things I stuck these dried botanicals into the brown pitcher, until I could do something with them or stick them back in storage. Later, I decided I like the look just as it is and found a spot here on the table.
Looking straight down on it. I know they are supposed to be taken apart and used alone but, I like the clumps.
Some of you will remember I got this last year at a fantastic sale price. It has been here in the foyer ever since.  Accept my apology for using too many "I's" in this post. That is always a challenge for me when writing the script for my blog. My brain is working slow today but, I (one more!) will work harder on that next time. Could you do me a favor? I always put the script below the pictures. Would it work better if it were above? Does the spacing between pictures work good for you? Do you like the larger size pictures or would they work better smaller?
 Stopping here and will probably take you into the kitchen next time.  Yes, I have a few autumn looks in there, too.


  1. Love ypur decor. I like the script below. I find it easier to see what pictures it goes with. I always want to look at the picture first. Must be ny brain, but if the script is above I want to look at the picture above that. But that could just be me.

    1. Thanks for looking and replying. I like the script below too and have always done mine that way. I see more done the other way, though.

  2. I put the pic first....and you are looking quite fallish there!

    1. Thanks for your help. I really have more "fall" than I know what to do with or more correctly, have room for!

  3. This looks so pretty! Love the polka dot pumpkin so much!!

    1. Thanks, Kathy and thank you for visiting. I was excited to find the pumpkin at a very reasonable price.

  4. Lovely! Your little polka dot pumpkin is too cute. To answer your question...personally, I like the script to be below the picture. I find it easier to absorb what I'm seeing first before reading about it and find it annoying to have to read and then scroll down to the picture to see what is being spoken about. Don't worry about using the "I" word too much...sometimes, there's just no other way! ;)


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