Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Tricycle and Little Garden ......

..........Since seeing the first one, quite a few years back, I have loved the little flower pot tricycles. Knowing that I can't have everything that I like, I was able to resist getting one........

...........until recently when Michaels had this one for 70% off. I decided I could have one after all!  The birch bark container did not come with it. That was given to me by my daughter.

I like it out here on the back porch. This morning I gathered up a few fall things, from storage and now the porch has a cute fall vinette on the table.

To have joy is one of the most important things to possess in life.  I love the joy pumpkin.

Be Joyful! Our joy comes from the Lord, not things. Things can give us some happiness but, if the joy of the Lord is not there we will be lacking no matter how many nice things we have!

And now on to the little garden. It has been doing good. Except for one ground cover, everything is still alive. And, you may notice a few new things.  On my first trip to Tennessee this summer I found a little plastic bag of things in an antique store.  I know they were there just waiting to live in my tiny garden. The cost was less than $3 for all.
Here you can get a glimpse of a little rabbit family there on the walk. The garden angel is watching over them.

There is a mom and dad and two babies. And then, notice the tiny green frogs in the birdbath. My niece, Wanda had those waiting for me when I arrived in Tennessee. The walkway looks better in person but I have done a little work on it since making these pictures. The sand needs to continually be added to.  I use a little soft paint brush to sweep the walk.


 The frogs are so tiny and cute!

Do you see the turtle on the walk?

The turtle was also in the bag. Everyone is happily going about their business here in the little garden.  Although, I will say, they are not very active!!
By the way, how about some name suggestions for this little garden.



  1. CUTE little tricycle! Gotta love those 70% off sales :-) A name for your little garden? Hm... I'll have to think on that for a while.

  2. Just dropping by to say Good Morning, Betty. We’ve met on Pinterest. I’ll have to put on my thinking cap for a name for your special garden. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hello Lynn. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. I have been drawn back to your boards several times, partly because of your wonderful captions and quotes. And, because we have several interests in common. I hope you will visit often. I would be interested in hearing a garden name suggestion from you.



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