Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn Out Front...........

It's time to show some more fall things and this time we will be outside near the front door.


This stands near the walk as you enter from the driveway.

I like the big S signifying my last name.

I made this simple wreath new this year. It was easy to stick the flowers through a grapevine wreath. I didn't even need to glue or anything.

This hangs just to the right of the door.

And, on the left wall the window frame got dressed up by adding leaves to the wreath, a pumpkin and a crow. 

I don't like any of the ugliness of Halloween and only use natural things depicting Autumn.

For the first time, I took pictures from the front door looking out and they show this area better than any I get looking up the walk.

The coleus you see here sprang up on his own, somehow and is totally out of place design wise but, I let it grow and now it does add a bit of fall color here. Very soon it will be cut down and used for cuttings to start several other plants. All that is needed is to stick them in soil, either in a pot or the ground (in the shade) they will root better than putting them in water and growing roots first.


Shy rabbit sits just across the walk from the coleus. If I had thought in time, I would have given him a fall color ribbon.
Just above the rabbit hanging from a small tree is this big acorn. It doesn't work well for the bird feeder it was intended for but, I like it here as a decoration, especially at this time of year.

This guy kept a good eye on me as I was getting the photographs. I think he was pleased to get featured.

The squirrel is the reason I see a lot of this in the mulch around the tree.
O.K., there you have most of what is seen around the front entrance for fall. Once again, thank you for visiting.


  1. Beautiful! I love how you use so many natural items. Fall has so many colors. With going into winter i know that I need to see color. Not the dark colors that Halloween brings. I am not against Halloween....just need color!

  2. Shy Rabbit is just too adorable! Everything looks really nice, Aunt Betty. As Always!!


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