Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fresh Cuts......

.......The fresh cuts for today are mostly herbs - one of my favorite plant groups. Not only are they so good to use in food dishes, they can make pretty bouquets too......

Using a small crockery jar for the container, I cut the herbs fairly short. With a smaller arrangement the plate needed to be smaller than the one on the first "fresh cut" post. Somehow a little blue bird found it's way into the mix. It is a little unusual with a turned down tail.

The little jar is part of a set of four and came with cork stoppers. I couldn't find the other three or the stopper for this one. I know they are in the horde of dishes, etc. in storage.

Not only do these plants make pretty arrangements most have wonderful fragrances. You are seeing some of the last dill for this season.. It is a cool weather herb here. Also in the bouquet are two chive blossoms, a sprig of rosemary, parsley and arugula flowers.

He looks more baby blue in person.

What makes an herb an herb? " If you can cook with it; soothe a burn or scratch with it; make a tea from it; soak in the tub with it; perfume your sheets with it; kill a bug with it.............

.........make a  potpourri, sachet, wreath, or something else good-smelling with it; weave, dye or spin something with it; scour pots or wash with it; worm your pet with it; formulate oils and lotions with it; or make a big mess involving a glue-gun, wheat stalks and raffia with it then it might be an herb."


  1. That's a mighty lengthy definition of "herb"! haha Your little blue bird is so cute.

    1. That definition covers about everything! Even though it is a quote I changed the phrase, "is an herb" to "might be". Thanks for being a faithful follower!!

  2. Betty, I am honored that you have added Thinking About Home to your blog roll! (And I also love that you love my new shoes...but I suppose that might be a bit shallow of me. ~smile~)

    Your herb arrangement is lovely! I, too, have brought herbs inside to use in arrangements, but none have looked so fine as this one you shared today.

    1. I'm hoping this will bring some more readers to your very worthy blog. Also, a bit on the selfish side, help me to remember to go there on a regular basis. It seems to be the only way I can remember to visit my favorites. I seldom take the time to click on my reading list which has way too many to sort through.


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