Monday, April 28, 2014

Garden Structure/Shapes.........

.......Do you ever take time just to really see and concentrate on the individual design shapes in a garden.  It is one of my favorite things to notice, probably as much or more than color.......

A lot of neat shapes to look at in this picture. Notice the two little buds on this Gloriosa Lily. Seeing those is a thrill to me because I know what comes next and will be showing that to you in another post soon. I have kept this plant alive but have not seen many blossoms. Our sun is too much for it.

Do you see how the lily has the Little John Azalea by the neck! The lily needs something to wrap its tendrils around and it is not particular. It pays for other plants not to get too close! I think we had better move along.....

Another big thrill for me was when I saw the first leaf of this Caladium emerging from it's winter home down in the earth. I had forgotten that I had planted one here. The spider plant and This particular Caladium makes a great combination. The shield shaped leaves add a good contrast.

I have a very large clump of Peace Lily sending up lots of their unusually shaped blooms.

If you are selective you can get away with quite a few man-made garden structures. There is a "knack" to choice and placement that makes all the difference in looking like it belongs or looking like a garage sale about to happen.

Interesting chair parts, tree and statue.

Looking through the "hair" of the Maidenhair fern gives Little Justin a different look.

The design and coloration of this Chameleon makes him stand out from the average one in my garden.

This looks like a hose guide but because it is up on a long rod it looks good situated within a Florida Anise bush.

Filtered sun shinning on the chair and the combination of the cushion pattern, ironwork and the fern caught my eye. That's a chicken shaped pitcher underneath.

A pruned rose cane with an air plant attached to it was worthy of a photograph, I thought. I have enough pictures that I could go on and on with this but it is probably time to bring this one to a close. There is very little color in the post except the neutrals of green, brown and white. I value them just as much as any of the other colors that stands out in gardens.


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