Friday, April 18, 2014


I didn't do much Easter decorating this year. I just haven't been in the mood for pastels and not planning an Easter meal I didn't think skipping some of the decorating would be noticed.....

I already had the spring welcome flag out and I added three colored eggs to the pot of grass. This grass is showing some winter damage. I think next week it will get a short hair cut and a big drink with fertilizer and see if it will grow back looking better. I have had this grass forever, it seems.

On the other side of the front walk I brought out the three eggs that usually go in the big fountain but, since the fountain is not holding water, they were not needed there.

The plant is not looking so good right now, also returning from getting a little too cold but it is beginning to bloom again.

A few steps up the walk and on the left the cloth rabbit basket is the greeter. It is amazing how this has hung outside year after year, gotten wet several times but still looks the same.

Well, I guess her whiskers have drooped a bit.

Shy bunny is here on the right of the walk but he lives here year round.

A few weeks back this Easter Cactus started budding up and here it is blooming right in time for Easter.  My son gave this to me several years ago at Easter time and it was called Easter Cactus and had a different look from the Christmas Cactus - foliage and flowers . It seems to have reverted back to the familiar look. 

On the other side of the bench.

Some big ears in the window box just above the bench.

I love his big ears!

On the right side.

This is the spring wreath I put out earlier.

A simple style but I like it. And, it may just stay through summer too. Let's step inside to see one little area.

Just inside on the little table. 

He is a big guy giving a big greeting. The biggest thing about him is his feet.

Same little garden house I used at Christmas but takes on a new look with spring things.

And, that is it for this showing. I have a few, very few, spring-like items about inside. I need to renew my zeal for changing and sprucing things up in here. I have enough stuff to rotate, that's for sure. 
My wish is for you to have a very Happy Easter!! I am looking forward to a Good Friday service tonight to honor our Lord and Savior.


  1. I think shy bunny is my favorite of all your bunnies.

    1. I like him but I like the other two outside one better, I think.

  2. Just wondered where you got your big eggs.

    1. I have had these so long (years) I don't remember where I found them. Sorry. If I see any more I will let you know.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Your big ear rabbit in the window box is precious! All your decorations look pretty.

    1. And now it is time to do something different in the box. Don't want to disturb the new nest there, however. I am thinking it might be a "fake" one that I recently heard they often build.


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