Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fresh Cuts #4

For this one I chose an old hobnail, milkglass vase. It was not new when I got it, many years ago but I have no idea how old it might be. I have enjoyed using this vase to stick a few cut flowers in and........

........that's about all I did - cut this assortment and arranged them one by one in the small necked vase, with not much fussing around. Of course, the small opening makes the stems stay put much better than a wide one.

Only three different kinds of blooms here, pink periwinkles, whirling butterflies and blue pea vines.

I like the long tendrils on the vine although they aren't the easiest to place where you want them. Just let them choose their own place and call it perfect.

If you have flowers in your garden go choose a few and make yourself a little bouquet to enjoy inside.

Intentional, small, personal touches are well worth the effort and can bring special rewards to yourself and others.


  1. So beautiful, Betty! You have such an eye for these arrangements!

  2. Betty - What a sweet arrangement! I love hobnail pieces. My Mom collected them and one of my sisters have all of her collection arranged on the top of all of her kitchen cabinets. Always in style,

    Thanks for dropping by 20 North Ora,


    1. Thanks for stopping by Judy. I have always liked milkglass and saw a nice collection of bud vases over at FishTail Cottage today
      - makes me want to go look for some.


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