Friday, May 30, 2014

May Flowers........

..........Before the month of May ends I want to show some of my very favorite May flowers............

"Do you know what I think May flowers are, Marilla? I think they must be the souls of the flowers that died last summer, and this is their heaven." -Anne of Green Gables

I probably have enjoyed this dark purple Cleome the best of all. I take that back. It sure is at the top but so are several others that are in my May garden this year.  I just wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. I  have a lighter lavender and also white ones. They are in a slump right now but I have lots of junior plants coming on.

Some of you have seen some of these pictures before and I am going to mostly let the pictures speak for themselves, especially since there are so many of them.

The mock orange was outstanding this year even though the blossoms didn't stay around long.

My new stripped whirling butterfly plant has excelled this spring, also.

He is about to be covered over with whirling Butterflies.

I so enjoyed my one holly hock until a wind storm damaged it. They are very seasonal here anyhow and don't do well in the heat.

And the same for the snapdragon.


This has been in a pot for many, many years. It never has more than a few blossoms at a time but I love it, partly because it has survived for so long.

I am the only one that I know who has this tropical Blue Pea Vine. 

Blue Pea among my favorite color of Vinca.

I have three colors of Periwinkles, these two and a darker shade of pink. They are such great work horses for our summer heat so, I wouldn't like to be without them.

I forget the name of this one at the moment but, this has been it's best year - more blooms at a time.  It is hanging full right now.

You can see it is trumpet shaped with pretty ivory throats.

I have had less than usual African Lily blooms this May but they were a larger size.

Salvia  (I have several colors) will always be one of my favorites. This is Wendy's Wish.

My newest and maybe the one I like best - this darker one.

Lots of showy Pentas have really been doing their thing!

Which includes attracting butterflies! I just took this photo about an hour ago.

Old fashioned Gloriosa Lily

It was a thrill to have many blooms on these at two different locations. One has just started blooming.

Another tropical - Tibouchina. 
I have many other May blooming flowers, including all my roses, but will save those for another time. We have already started having 90 degree days here and so far, I am not getting rain so, I know June will have less blossoms and I stay in more during our hot summer. You will no doubt start seeing less blog posts from the garden - I have a lot of other neat things in mind so, don't go far - I'll be right here.


  1. Do you ever save seeds? I love your Cleomes. I didn't know there were that many colors.

    1. I don't do much seed collecting. Cleomes are so good to self-sow. I am not trimming the dried parts yet, waiting for the seed to drop. I would be happy to save some for you if want to give me your address.

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  2. I always love to see pictures of the flowers in your garden. My May flowers are on their way out... The irises didn't bloom well again this year and the peonies, which were full and gorgeous, were shredded by an overnight storm. I'm ready for the hydrangea to start showing some color. So far it is just green, but I like green, too!

  3. Too bad about the storm destroying the peonies! I love those but can't grow them here. I will be looking for pictures of your hydrangeas. I want to try once more to have one. I never see them plentiful around here like they are in the north.


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