Monday, May 26, 2014

The Old Chair #2

I thought it might be nice to pause on this busy holiday, Memorial Day, slip outside for a cup of tea.............

You remember the old chair? If not go here to read about it first. It will just be me, you and the old chair.....

I cut some pretty roses and borrowed the pitcher from the kitchen window sill.......

There is something relaxing about pink and white, don't you agree?


I softened things up a bit with some old linens.....

I chose one of my very favorite cups for you and gathered up a few tea party books to browse through.
I am glad we could take a little time together and hope you feel as refreshed as I do. We will meet up by the old chair from time to time.


  1. Meeting at the old chair sounds like the perfect way to relax on a warm afternoon. I'll bring the tea (Murchie's of course) and the lavender shortbread. Can we have pink and white roses every time?

    1. Your selected contributions sure would step it up a notch - you are welcome anytime.

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures....I love pink and white...I could sit there for hours!


  3. What a gorgeous garden vignette! Makes me want to dress up a chair too! Your gorgeous bouquet is the cheeriest thing in that pretty pitcher. And yes, pink and white is so soothing!


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