Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'm Seeing Red!

For someone who has always said she doesn't like red flowers and agreed with Martha Stewart when she said they look cheap in the garden, I sure have ended up with a bunch of red!

It is not all blossoms, however, like this glass plaque which hangs here on the stationary "gate".

It has been here for years and once got knocked down to the ground by a falling limb and did not break. The ginger on the other side of the "gate" is showing a good bit of red.

I have come to appreciate Pentas more just in the last year. These red dwarf ones are out front where it is so hard to get any blooming plants to survive our summer sun but they do quite well.

The worst thing about these is that they are not cold hardy and are just now looking good after getting frosted.

I don't recall ever noticing so much white on these and am really liking the look.

The lowly Impatiens

Two stages of Nandina berries at the same time. The red ones have been hanging on since last summer!

My pride and joy in the garden right now is this Gloriosa Lily.  This is a tropical, native in S. Africa to Asia. It is the national flower of Zimbabwe. 

It is a plant of the Colchicaceae family and has several common names (thank heavens) one being Flame Lily.  It is not difficult to see why it would be called that! It is a climbing vine, grows from tubers, has tendrils that attaches to anything it can get close to. I showed the developing pod of this one in another post. I am happy to see a few other ones getting ready to open. I have had a hard time keeping the plant healthy enough to flower.

Showing this one for the last time as it is fading fast. Snapdragons can not handle our hot sun. I sure have enjoyed this one plant but there is a different kind of plant standing by to take its place in the pot in the little rock garden.

A Bromeliad.
I just might have to change my opinion of red flowers and beg to differ with Martha.


  1. Well, red always seems to find its way in! Haha! I admire your gardening know how, and appreciate your good word when I post something gardeny! Your garden is looking wonderful!

  2. very tropical and beautiful! I love those dwarf red pentas in the first few photos - I've never seen them before! Thank you for joining in the garden party over here at Fishtail Cottage! Can't wait to see you again this Thursday! xoxo, tracie

  3. I love red in my home AND in my garden. I'm putting your blog in my favs so that I won't miss any of your posts! Hugs, Diane

    1. Thanks for putting me on your list. That's the main reason I put you on mine - to be reminded to go look!


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