Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 September Girls Celebration.......

..........For many years five friends have gathered on a day in September to celebrate all our September birthdays. Several times we have gone out to breakfast or lunch and many other times we have met at our friend Lynda's house. That is where we gathered this year.............

First I'm showing the assembling of my little gifts for the girls.
 This year I chose pear plates for them and their mates to eat some special autumn deserts from.  Also, two fall dish towels and a little "pot" of pumpkin candy kisses.


There is always something to be thankful for.


I decorated the starter plant pots with a fall leaf and used a burlap leaf to secure the bag.

All bagged up and ready to go.
Me arriving at Lynda's beautiful house.

She always sets a very special table for us and the food is soooo good. The towel napkin and placemat was part of her gifts to each of us, along with the fall sugar cookies.

A cute centerpiece arrangement.

Here we all are with Lynda on the far right. Lynda was the one who started this special time many years ago.

This is her kitchen table where the serving dishes were placed. We all have many weavings of sweet memories from our September good times through the years.

Here are all the presents that I brought home. So many neat things.  I look at the picture and see one little gift missing. I think I had already placed it on a shelf and was enjoying the glow of candlelight. 

Here is wishing you the glow and comfort of warm friendships during this Autumn season.



  1. That's a wonderful tradition. Deb

  2. Replies
    1. Fun times! Thanks, Lola for being a constant visitor.

  3. What a sweet tradition of celebration with longtime friends!!

    1. It really is a special time for us all, year after year. Thank you for visiting and commenting.


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