Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Winter Dining Room..........

Continuing with the theme of winter in my inside rooms (I do have outside rooms) this post shows some of my favorite dining room spots.......

Starting on the left: a hodge podge of tea things and other items.

Since the plate from 10 Downing street, London (literally) was in the above picture for those who have not seen it before, it is one of my special treasures. It is from the Royal collection and bears the Queen's seal(?). Tony Blair was in residence when it became mine. And, no it wasn't stolen.
On the wall just above the buffet holding the plate, etc. is this cabinet.  For many years and in two different houses it held part of my collection of one-of-a-kind Victorian tea cups and saucers. Two years ago at Christmas time I changed it to the white cups from my china set.
I really didn't like not having at least part of these showing, so this year after Christmas I put some of them in this basket.


Some of these are not my favorites but these are the ones that cooperated to fit together. You would be surprised how hard it was to get this many to nest together.



Tall lady holding her tea cup stands to the right of the basket. I need to put something in the glass apothecary jar! I think I know what might be just the thing.


On the left wall hangs the plate and cup that my daughter, Carla, gave me several years ago.  It gets traded out with a Christmas set but always goes back here afterward.

Another word about this shelf - the set of small square plates is new.  There are eight and they were a gift from my friend, Sarah. This is the first time in thirty or more years for the shelf to hold anything other than Victorian and the white cups and saucers.

I love the square shape, the color and the design!
If you have been following this blog long you already know how much I like pretty dishes and I have more to show from the dining room.  Will try to get to that soon.


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