Saturday, January 10, 2015

While I wasn't looking.....

.............during the holidays, while I was so busy inside and with special activities to participate in, the garden was carrying on without me.  I did manage to get some pictures out there and that is what I am sharing today..........

Cooler weather is great for the roses and most of my bushes have been performing with wonderful blossoms

I love to take pictures when plants are covered with raindrops.  We are still getting what seems to me more rain than normal in our "dry" season.


This night jasmine is in the back corner of the yard and is not seen much from the house so I was surprised when I walked back there and it was covered with blooms.
Nearby, something is going on with this pair, a boy and a girl tall garden stakes.  They have been close but with about a foot between them.  I notice now they are holding hands?????

In my raised bed the winter herbs are doing good. Love seeing dill covered with moisture.

Healthy Kale
Turnip plants all insisting on having the turnips above ground!


I was thrilled to finally catch this Gulf Fritillary sitting still enough to get a picture.

Monarchs are much easier to photograph. They don't all migrate from here.

This tropical has been loaded with blooms for weeks.  It will be the first to go if we get a big frost or (I don't even like saying the word) a freeze.


Hibiscus has a few blooms almost year round.

After Christmas I found the snapdragons I had been looking for. They do well in the front sunny yard.

Geraniums do better in the winter time for me.
I have many more recent pictures but they can wait until the next garden post.  Next posting will be from the inside showing some after Christmas decoration - my winter inside.


  1. Your flowers, vegetables, and herbs have me longing for summer. Love your photographs of raindrops on roses (and dewy dill). Here in Missouri we are expecting freezing rain tomorrow. I'd rather be having raindrops on roses like you are!.

    1. Summer will come for you. Thanks for looking and for your nice comments!

  2. Such a lot of lovely colour when for us, this is the quiet and slightly grey time of year. The butterfly is beautiful!

    1. Thank you. I have lots of raking that needs to be done but it is very nice to have blooms at this time of year. Our summer heat is more of a challenge.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for the share.♥flowers in the winter.right now all five of my orchids are blooming., beside grandmas blooming Christmas cactus

    1. Thanks, Angela. Yes, it is nice to have flowers now. That could change with one extra cold night. I keep hoping we don't get the cold temperatures.

  4. So much color and life where you are! That sweet young couple sparking in your back yard... what will the neighbors say? ;-)

    1. I just came in from a walk through the yard. Still lots of color but what a mess otherwise. High winds just wreck the neatness! I will be working out there this week!


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