Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter White......

........."Under a blanket of quiet, winter tucks us indoors.  This season of warming sips and quiet light prompts us to explore our inner lives.  What matters most to us within these sheltering walls - and within ourselves?"

Here in Florida, I am not experiencing the drastic chill that those across the upper states feel.  But, it is cold for here.  In January as I pack away bright holiday colors I turn to dirty snow white. It brings out an entirely different look and feel. In those years when we have very warm winter temperature, I enjoy a seasonal change indoors - using lots of white décor, eat and drink winter comfort food, even if I need to use air conditioning and it gives a feel of cozy warmth for the body and soul.


Today, I will be showing just the things on the bookcase shelves.

Starting on the top shelf, a dirty white angel and little bird.....

An open book showing winter white.

And in the right corner a couple of books with a white bird, jar candle and a bee.

Dropping to the middle shelf, first comes a big fat white bird, and two yarn trees that I kept out from the Christmas look.  Nothing says cozy better than candles, even battery ones.

In the middle, a big letter S which can be for my last name or for snow.  Some might say "Stark". I think more of "Serene".

Next is the little girl pulling a basket of snowballs. A red bird has hitched a ride. This picture was made without a flash. This is one of the hardest areas in the house to get good pictures and I seldom succeed.
Down below, two more books and some white and silver glass balls.  Silver is another color that can promote a winter feeling.

The final corner has a big metal button box on its side.  The box as well as the big bird in the first picture were gifts from my daughter at Christmas.


I have never displayed buttons in this room before but with the new button box they fit in.  And the colors are right.
Whatever works for you, celebrate the frosty season with heartfelt warmth, see, sip, savor and snuggle up and enjoy quiet peace.


  1. Love your button display. Sure would like to know where I could purchase the button box. I have my buttons {some of them} in a lamp with a button themed shade.

  2. Oh, the lamp idea sounds great. The button box came from JoAnn's,etc. Thanks for being a continued follower of my blog.

  3. Betty,
    I adore this Winter White display, dear one!!!
    Those buttons are stunning!!!
    I am quite smitten with the silver and the pinecone photo!!!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. You went way back and I was glad review that old post, too.


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