Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Random and Strange Assortment.......

I probably need to get some kind of indoor project going that will take up a lot of time!  With our summer heat, although there is still much to do, my working outside has slowed down a lot. While I still have plenty of plants and flowers in bloom, I am not out there taking as many pictures.  So, today I went a little crazy with some photographs inside.  Hence, the title - A Random and Strange Assortment.......

I have been seeing pictures of open book pages on Pinterest that I like a lot.  And, I have been wanting to do some of my own. Today one opening was used for three pictures and I am on my way! I plan to do more in the future.

With the addition of a big sprig of berries and a key I came up with this look using my copy of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.

There are lots of interesting pages in this old book and you can expect to be seeing more from it.

Three drawer pulls here on a small table by my back door.

Some of you saw this eucalyptus last year when I purchased it fresh from trader Joe's.

It dried so nice, keeping the same color. It was a very good purchase for around $3.50.

I decorate a lot with books and this is an open one which stands on a shelf in the white desk for a summer look.

Now, in the kitchen an odd angle of one of the many vignettes.
Another portion of the same vignette.

Angled upwards to a small shelf with some of it's small things.

Across the room on the counter top,  a metal vase and two small birds sit on an antique, small, bench.

A very odd angle of the big shelf on the wall showing just bits of some things there.

More on the big shelf.

and, one more.

I have told the story of this special stack of farm animals on here at least twice so will not repeat it again this time. It is a special little treasure of mine because of the way it came to me from my sister.

I have had this on the wall for some time but, I don't think it has ever been shown.  It is an oval china lid that once must have fit a special oval dish.  I saw it in a local antique store and thought it had some possibilities.  I put the sprig of flowers on it, tying it on using the ribbon through an open handle which is hard to see in the picture.  Actually, the whole thing is cuter than the picture shows.
Like I said at the start of this, I need to find something to keep me busy or there is no telling what kind of strange pictures you might see!

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