Thursday, June 11, 2015

So Small But Just Like Real Ones........

All my life I have been drawn to and like miniature things that closely resemble large,  real ones.  Many years ago I started buying tiny kitchen items.  I have no idea what came first. But, slowly I added on, one or two things at a time until over the years I had quite a collection of cute little things.  At one point I found an old, wooden, open-shelf miniature cabinet and it was the perfect thing to display all those small items on in the large, country kitchen I then had.  When I moved to this house the cabinet and collection came with me but they ended up being stored in the garage - just not enough room in my small kitchen for everything. 

About a week ago something reminded me of the little kitchen things and I started a search in the garage.  Yes, they were still there. As time went by I got rid of some of the stored things so I was glad these weren't gone. I washed them up and put them on display for just a little while on my small island.......

The two-tier stand is not ideal for them but at least they will be enjoyed for a time. Sometime I may figure out how to work the little wooden cabinet into this kitchen.

So, here is the left side of the bottom tier, piled full.

And, here is the right side.

Top right.......

......and left.  The little ironstone dishes were purchased in an antique store up in one of the New England states - I forget exactly where.

Much of the other things came from a local store I used to visit, Halley's Antiques.  It was my favorite all-time antique store and I was so sad when it closed a few years back.

Do you have any collections that you never set out to have but, one by one they were purchased and after a time - there they are!

The three metal spoons you see here were what came with a one-serving size paper cup of ice cream many years ago.  I believe these were displaced by the wooden spoons.  Remember those?

I still love these little things.

The hand cranked beater works about as good as the big size we used to use.


One tiny metal cup.

You see I can bake a bunt cake, a two-layer cake or a pie!

A set of silverware in a metal divided holder.

Sugar and cream to go with a cup of coffee.....

.....which can be made in my little percolator. It has the inside parts.  I wish you were here so I could serve you some in one of the tiny white cups.


  1. Interesting, love little things also.

  2. The tiny metal cup sure has a pretty design on it. I was lucky to find a Suzy Homemaker stove last year but I never see the little baking things for sale. You have a wonderful collection. It's fun to have them out where you can enjoy them. Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. I think I remember seeing your little stove on your blog. I haven't noticed any small kitchen things lately either. However, I don't go looking very often any more. I am always tempted to buy things I have no room for.


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