Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some Favorite Shots From My Hot Garden..........

Work in the garden has slowed down some - just trying to maintain as best I can.  In a few days summer will officially arrive but the heat is already here. We are hitting 90 or a few degrees above every day. But that doesn't stop me from taking pictures......

And, so far, the plants are surviving pretty good. The Plumbago is a good one for full sun.
This potato vine has really taken off.  Actually, this picture does not show it's present height but, I wanted you to see the arbor it is on.

Looking in the other direction and closer up you get a better feel for the height. This area sees very little sun.

Another one of my favorite yard structures with the resident chameleon in place.  Almost every ornament has one.  They stay pretty close to the same area all the time.  I think they wait for me to come take their picture! And, I am always happy to oblige. I like the way the pencil cactus forms a square grid here.

You are not seeing much color so far but, if you could see this in person you would see how showy it really is.  I love this Euphorbia with all it's tiny white flowers.

If you have one Mexican Bachelor Button you will have many, unless you pull them up.  And, that's easy to do so I don't mind the naturalizing nature of this plant.

My Whirling Butterfly plants have been slow in coming back but are now blooming. Maybe the pink one will make the next blog post.

Old Blush is blooming full again.  It is in full sun all day.  It is a tall bush and if I try to show the whole bush the roses get lost in the distance. This is true of so many of my plants and that is why you see more of this type of pictures.

I haven't seen any of these this week.  I think they are all now butterflies which I am seeing everyday but they have been very elusive and I have not captured many good enough to show.

Fluttering so much it is blurry but I thought it was good enough to show.

Haven't been able to get close enough to the Zebra Long Wing.

You have probably seen this Monarch, as well as the swallowtails, in the caterpillar stage. I wish so much the pictures could be identified as to the exact one!

A pretty near perfect pair of angel wings.

And finally, last but not least, a mourning dove.  I am so glad to have it visit to get a drink most every day.  I only see one at a time but hear the other one when this one is visible. 
I might get a Wordless Wednesday done for tomorrow.  I have sooooooo many pictures.

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