Friday, November 25, 2011

Just one more time .............................................

........................................I know Thanksgiving is over and it's not the focus now but wanted to show a few pictures from my house, kitchen work, guests and our meal together.

We have some great cooks in our family and one of my nieces, Sandy did a lot of work putting this family cookbook together.  That's a picture of mom and dad taken in 1919. They are still very much missed.

I used one of Sandy's recipes to make baked beans for my son-in-law.

I used another niece's recipe to make the dressing.  I tried for a long time to make good dressing but, most of the time, I didn't think it was good and had resorted to Pepperidge Farms. My daughter loves it but I think it is yucko compared to a good recipe. A few years back I tried this one and it is great. So glad Trudy put it in our book. I saute the onions and celery with the butter before I mix in the other things.

 All mixed except for adding the broth.

This is a huge bowl and there is more here than it looks like in the picture.

My sour dough bread baked up very nice this time.

Not everyone gets to have a professional chef to carve the turkey.  My son-in-law Mark, played along with me (half way) to wear his hat and chef jacket for a picture.

We are ready for a happy thanksgiving meal!!!

This wish was at the top of each placesetting.  I got these frames at Target's after christmas sale last year.

The pilgrims have arrived. This little couple is present at every Thanksgiving meal.

They are a pair of salt & pepper shakers - a keepsake from Publix grocery store. I was given them by my friend Berry several years ago. It always makes my day when they come out.

Most of this was from my yard.

He's ready!!!

I can't ever get away without making these rolls.

Guests are ready.  That's me, always the shortest one at 5'2".

This is the only "around the table" shot I got. We took some timed pictures that didn't turn out. That means there are no pictures of my daughter.  I wish I would have had the presence of mind to take a few of the picture taker, Carrie.

pumpkin dessert

Cherry pie for Carrie. There was another dessert that didn't get pictured - hello dolly bars.

I am well on the way to having the house decorated for Christmas. The next posting will reveal at least part of it.


  1. Bella la tua festa di ringraziamento!Complimenti!Baci,Rosetta

  2. Loved this post! I like how Mark played along and dressed up for you! He did a great job carving the turkey as well! I use my cookbook a lot too! It's a treasured keepsake!

  3. We had a most excellent time! Food was fantastic not just to taste but to look at too. Bettys house is a feast for the eyes .Everything is perfectly placed but at the same makes you feel totally at home like you can curl up and snooze. To say Betty is the hostess with the mostest is an understatement. If you know Betty and are ever invited, do not hesitate...GO!

  4. Hello!

    I love your Thanksgiving table, and especially adore your pies & desserts!!! I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so lovely homemade goodies always catch my eye! :) I hope you enjoyed your holiday with your family!



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