Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday #7

     Here we are again, ready for tea treasures.  I really appreciate you returning time after time and hope you are entertained, inspired or encouraged.  If you ever get tired of looking at tea things just let me know and maybe suggest some other topics.

The only reason I selected this particular cup and saucer is because it is one of my favorites as far as the pattern goes.  There is no interesting story with it.  I bought it new but I think it was in Halley's Antique store.  I am very sad about Halleys.  It was my all-time favorite antique store and it just recently closed! Mrs Halley ran the store for many, many years. I will really miss it.

I like this silver spoon tea ball. It works very well with loose-leaf tea.

The set is by Crown Victoria from Staffordshire, England.

Until I started posting these tea time posts, I had never really noticed the little designs on the inside rim of many cups.  Now, I think they are so neat.

For the tea of the day I am using English Tea Store's Bourbon Street Vanilla. It is a Rooibos (roy-a-bus)tea with a good flavor described like this by them: The cinnamon spice flavoring gives this Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos a wonderful vanilla n' jazz character. The white pot is not a tea pot at all but, a coffee pot.  It looks good with this selection and hey, it has a spout and a handle and holds hot water so, it works for me! 

It can be ordered from their web-site -  At least, several years back it could. If you can read it, you will notice my bag is from 2007.  It tastes just as good as it ever did!

I have a few Louis Phillippe roses blooming - one of my favorite old roses!  They smell sooooo good!  This is a good rose to use for making rose petal syrup. This little rose jar was brought to me by a visiting niece. It has a grid in the open lid.

If you like a bit of sweetness added to your tea, these tiny, decorated sugar cubes will do the trick!

And these little sugar tongs will help you get them in your cup.

I'm showing my "spooner" with assorted spoons.  Some are made for the sugar bowl. 

People used to keep a spooner with their teaspoons out on the table or where they were in sight and easy to grab a spoon when needed.

This one I believe is a tea leaf measuring spoon. It has a very short handle but will hold about the right amount of tea leaves for a cup.

This is not meant to be used for tea unless we had a dish of nuts or mints or such.  I love the open work in the bowl of it.

The water is hot and the tea leaves are ready to be put in the cup.  This spoon closes and keeps most of the leaves from floating.

One of these Thursdays I will bake something good - maybe some tasty scones!

Today, its ice cream and cre'me de Pirouline wafers. Chocolate Hazelnut.

As always, thank you for looking.


  1. I LOVE that tea cup. It is beautiful! I never saw a rose jar before. Cool idea. Whats on the sugar cubes?

  2. Could not find your email address on your blog. Just wanted you to know that you've just been featured at my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday post. Which goes up, oddly enough, on Thursday mornings. (Can't recall how I got that started, but I've been doing this for over two years...)

    Welcome to our blogging neighborhood! You should be receiving neighborly visits shortly...
    Brenda@Cozy Little House

  3. I just thanked Brenda on her blog but, also wanted to leave a note here to say how thrilled I am that my blog was included in her Welcome Wagon Friday post!!! I have been following Brenda from the beginning of my following any blogs - I have to say it is the one I look forward to the most!

  4. so much to see and like here! I came here via Cozy Little House. Even though I don't blog daily, I enjoy, like you, Brenda's mostly daily. I've never seen a rose jar. Since I seem not to have a green thumb when it comes to roses, I'd still like to have a jar like that for my many other flowers I grow.
    My grandmother always kept spoons on the kitchen table. My mom didn't do it. However, I keep mine by the microwave.
    I will be following you. Welcome!

  5. Love the little tea-cup but I am all over that tea-pot. Gorgeous. I love white dishes. Please keep featuring your tea items. I'm following now.Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4 Ontario Canada

  6. I loved your tea themed post, afternoon tea is one of my favourite things! I found your blog today thanks to Brenda at Cozy Little House...and I'll be back again! Have a great day.
    Helen x

  7. That tea spoon is the coolest I've ever seen! Swoon!

  8. Love the quilt quote at the top pf your blog
    beautiful blog

  9. Ciao Betty,il tuo blog mi piace!Belle tazze,teiere,fiori e tante cosine dolci!Divento tua seguace!Ciao,Rosetta


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