Sunday, November 6, 2011

Majoring in Minors ................

     I often major in minors or to put it another way, emphasize small things. I can get a big thrill from something very small.

I am showing you my breakfast just so I can show a few small things. First, do you notice the little apple stem top?  I didn't cook it but, it gives a little something special to the sauteed apples and biscuits breakfast.  Don't wait until you entertain, do it for yourself.

Do you ever saute/fry apples like this? they are so good, especially served with biscuits. I am able to have two biscuits because I pull most of the middle out of mine. I don't particularly like the fluffy part. When you do the apples just use a little butter in a frying pan and peel most of your apples but leave a few unpeeled. It adds greatly to the presentation but, most importantly it adds a lot to the taste. I add a small amount of brown or white sugar while they are sauteing.  Don't use a lid. I let them get dry enough to brown lightly. I enjoy using this little oblong dish - makes breakfast more fun!

Had to turn it over to show the bottom.  The white scroll work is raised, not flat.

Now, for the pan. It is the smallest baking sheet I have ever seen. Four bisquits would fit just perfect!

Have you ever limped along for weeks, months, years even with an unhandy situation that just a small easy change would make a big difference?  I do that all the time.  Especially since I got my new stove I have needed something close to it to move hot pans onto. I had been walking across the room (not a long trip, but still.....) to get an old, stained hot pad from a drawer. Last week I spotted a set of two black pads in Big Lots.  Thankfully, I thought of my situation and brought them home.  It is great!  It actually adds to the look of the area here by my black stove so I just leave it all the time.

I'm telling doesn't take something big to make me happy.

And, on to this little sweety.  I went to a neighbor's church bazaar and liked this flattened jar made into a serving dish.  It has some character since it had some designs on the sides which still show.  It now has no sides and lays flat. 

It's a keeper @5.00!


I have been keeping an extra roll of toilet tissue in this bag on the tank top. But, it was down in and not showing and I thought only I would ever know it was there. So, I put a second one in which raised it up but it didn't look very attractive at all.  I unrolled about 12 inches of tissue, leaving it attached, folded it into about 1 inch strip.  As you can see, I rolled it up into a rose shape.  I stuck a straight pin down through the rose to hold it in place.  If you ever need to use the "spare" at my house, dig down in the bottom for the one without the rose!  Now, I can hardly believe myself, that I am going to show you this next item but since it is right next to the bag and everyone needs to know about this product, here goes............................

Yes, that's right, it's called poo-pourri.  It smells wonderful and it works!!! All you need is two spritzes into the water.  It is expensive but lasts a long time. 

As you can see, I got the monogrammed one - paid extra. I just refill this same bottle.  Mine has a grapefruit oil/fragrance. There is a lemon one that is great too. Since we are in the tiny guest bathroom I want to show you why I would choose a black bag to sit on the tank lid in the first place.

It is just under this shelf and towel bar.

As you can see everything is black and white.

A little touch of red in a victorian bag.  There is a little vase of water in the bag.  On to the next little thing that thrilled me yesterday!

Four of us went to Mount Dora to their Annual Garden Walk.  As we were driving to the next garden we came upon a garage sale in progress.  I got this wonderful old book for $1.  It is in almost new condition except for nice brown edges on all the pages - aged to perfection.

I got it to use in decorating but I think I will end up reading it.

It's a beautiful dark red color. It has a hand-written name and date inside.  The date is 1904.  The copywrite date printed in it is 1882. Who would have thought they would have used copywrites that long ago. 

"The Boy's Percy
Old Ballads of War, Adventure and Love"

Here is how it is displayed for now. A small, minor thing but a treasure to me!
 I know someone will wonder what the words on the crock say.  "Gather ye Roses"


  1. I love black and white, too! I have a kitchen with lots of black and white! That is a very sweet book, too! I saw your blog on Brenda's Welcome wagon and noticed you live in Florida...I do, too! ♥

  2. You should try my of the ways I convinced my husband our kitchen counters needed to be changed to granite is the fact I don't need a hot pad underneath boiling pots, hot pans, and straight from the oven cookie sheets! I place it all right on to the granite counters with no problems.

  3. Betty, those biscuits and apples look delicious! You're making me hungry. We have no food in the house and my husband is going shopping. In the meantime, I want a biscuit!



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