Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday

     Most of my teacups are one of a kind but today the one I am featuring is part of a set and I have a complete set of dishes of this pattern. I found it on a visit to Martinsville, Indiana several years ago. I didn't buy it at the time but kept thinking about the set after I got home so I sent money to my daughter who lived there and she picked it up for me.  It was just at the height of  popularity of tearooms and tea parties and I was so glad to get it.  Now, this look is not particularly popular but, I have still hung on to it.

I think this cup is prettier on the inside than the outside....
The set is from Cobridge, England by the Simpsons (Potters) LTD.

At first I thought I had no teapot to show that would blend nicely with the china pattern but decided this one would work because of its colors.

It simply says: Windsor and made in England.

I have no memory of when, where or how I got this teapot.

It was a beautiful day to set the table on my porch this afternoon.

I like the little saucers in this set.

I used  a lot of blue in my house for many years but got tired of it and didn't keep many blue dishes or linens. I do have this vintage cloth that looks good with the china.

At one time I had a big interest in having a tea room or bed and breakfast but it was a dream that never came to fruition.  I probably still have enough plates, cups and saucers and teapots to start one! I definitely have enough recipes.  What I don't have is enough energy and never had the money for the initial investment. Oh, what might have been!

The sugar bowl and creamer are very pretty and large.

I usually like the cream pitchers best but with this set the bowl is my favorite.

I love the little detailed rose on the lid.

You have had a glimpse of these snapdragons in a couple of pictures.  I bought ten pots of them  yesterday to go in my front yard and thought they would be pretty on the table first. In a few weeks after they mature a bit I will show them in their place in my yard.

Before I leave you I will share a favorite quote of mine written by someone living on the frontier and sent to a friend or family member.

"Here at the frontier, there are falling leaves.  Although my neighbors are all barbarians, and you, you are a thousand miles away there are always two cups on my table."
~~ anonymous


  1. They are beautiful Betty!! Like you, I also love the rose detail on the lid, very lovely. Mine is with sugar ;o)

    Jess xxx

  2. Oooh snap dragons? In the house I grew up...well got half way there. Mum and Dad as always made the garden look lovely and I always was fascinated by these flowers seeing the bumble bees going in for the nectar. Fitting perfectly like God intended. I am looking forward to seeing your garden when we are with you all in a weeks

  3. Another pretty cup and saucer! I Love the tea pot. Very unusual!


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