Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All Dignity Restored...................

..........He has a new tail and he no longer feels naked!  He just needs to not get close to a Christmas candle with his new paper tail!

Thought I would give you one more shot of him because you couldn't see his belt and legs in the other one.

Very frosty this morning. I collected snowmen for several years.  But had to just pick my favorites to use in this small house.  Back when snowmen were the really "in" thing I made many of them to sell in craft sales.

These two were my favorites and I saved one of each to use myself.

I keep tweaking my decorations. Since the frosty morning picture was made I removed the red doves that were hanging in this window and replaced them with these white tree and bell ornaments, also from Dollar Tree - two for $1.  These look better here.  Unfortunately, the view through the window is less than appealing.

Anyone remember this?  In one of my first posts I told you that a really nice pine bough had fallen and I decided to create something with it. I grabbed my grapevine basket and stuck the metal lantern in the middle arranged the pine and put a bow on it - all just to make a picture for today.  Of course the pine dried up and turned brown.

It was pretty for a little while.

I have a small collection of children's books. Some are Christmas ones. I use to have them visible each Christmas but I hadn't seen them for several years until I pulled them down from a closet yesterday.  Do you like children's books? 

I think these fit in quite well with a nostalgic holiday theme.

Something about the Christmas season returns us to the days of our childhood.

I am stalling a bit in not showing much of my room decorations, hoping to get some better pictures with a better camera.  There is a lot more to show!

Old Mother Hubard went to her cupboard for citron, and raisins, and spice.  And when she got there, she said, "I declare! Christmas will come in a trice. "Back to their old home the children will come, dear little grandchildren, too, Sammie and Sadie, and the new baby, sweetest one ever you knew. "Bright the fire burns, and brown to a turn pies, puddings, cakes large and small: Christmas is near, blessed and dear, Christmas! the best time of all!

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