Friday, March 9, 2012

Wren Family Update and Other Things

.........I have been missing in action from blogville while I have continued to spend time with out-of-town guests.  I'm trying to catch up a bit starting with the activity of the wren family who built a nest in the window box planter.

A very light picture taken through the window but it clearly shows five eggs in the nest.  I was happy to discover that all my watching the nest building and taking pictures did not cause them to a move to a more peaceful neighborhood!

This is a raised window shot which is clearer but only shows two eggs - a different angle.

Here is mama wren sitting quietly on the nest until my flash went off and she left the nest faster than the flash. I am not going to bother her any more until the babies are hatched and then I will try to get a picture of them.

On to a new subject ......after dropping off my last guest at the airport yesterday, I visited Old Time Pottery to get a couple of clay pots for some plants.  Of course I could not go there and not check out what they have put on the shelves since Christmas.  This nice lantern practically jumped off the shelf and into my cart.  At first I thought it would be hanging somewhere in my garden but, considering the fact that it could collect an inch of water in the bottom,  I decided I don't need any more mosquito farms in my yard!!!

On the back porch is really the perfect place for it, especially since I, without planning, have already got this color going on as here and other places in the room.

And now the next subject......

Until last week I had not seen my friend Joanne since she was a teenager and had lost contact with her until I found her and her sister on facebook.  She came here last week and we spent a week together.  Our families were very good friends when we lived in Delaware in the early seventies. When Joanne and my daughter were little girls, her mother and I were visiting in the front room of our house one night and we started smelling a strong body-powder fragrance, probably Avon. It seemed to be wafting up the hall from the bedroom. When we arrived at the bedroom door the fragrance was chokingly strong and there we found two little girls covered in powder!  They weren't the only things covered - every flat surface, including the bed, was white!!!  They had emptied a rather large box of powder using the big, fun, fluffy mitt that was conveniently provided.

Now here is what played out on Sunday while I was in the kitchen preparing lunch.  I have a feeling this one is the one that was the instigator in the first episode and have no doubt she planned what went on Sunday. Looks kinda sneaky wouldn't you say?

Too bad I didn't smell it this time and could have caught them in the act.  Since they used the guest room I didn't see anything until I saw these pictures my daughter later put on facebook.

Believe me, this tiny pile is not a realistic picture of the first powder fun! After I saw it Joanne  cleaned it up but......................

Last evening, while Joanne was flying home I discovered this smiley face in powder.

I took it for a sweet thank you note and a new powderery memory!!!


  1. That is too funny!! She is old and she should know better. Joanne MADE me do it!! ;o)

  2. and that said OLDER not old. Dear or dear!!

  3. Sounds like you've had lots of visitors to keep you busy lately. That little nest and eggs are so tiny. Amazing how birds build their different nests. The powder incident is hilarious. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  4. what fun memories! I think that birds nest is so sweet...thanks for your kind will be fine, eventually!

  5. Oh that is too funny!! The current photos anyway. I could not even imagine having to clean up such a mess!! Powder is not the easiest thing to deal with...I bet you were choking for days!!! (not your daughter!) LOL.
    I'm glad you had such a lovely visit with an old friend. Isn't FB amazing? I've found some old school friends through that medium and it's a great way to keep up with far away family, too!
    Your little wren nest is so sweet and being able to keep up with the progress is even sweeter. Keep us posted!!


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