Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The White Way to do it........

You already know (if you have been listening) how much I love white. White for clothes........

This is not me but, yes indeed I would wear this if I had it - not sure where I would go in this but I love it. And if I lived way up north I would wear..........

these, on a very cold day.

Mademoiselle Mermaid on Etsy
How about these?

I know where to get this - Chadwicks, and I hope to order it if I can find a good discount code. I will need a short jacket to go with it. I never go sleeveless with my old arms. White is my best color to wear.

I also love lots of white for decorating. Like this pillow.

Some times it is all about texture, as much as color.

I thought I was the only one who had made an all white yo-yo throw. I had never seen an all white one  until last week I saw one on pinterest.

Someday I am going to line my yo-yo throw.  It took me so long to make enough yo-yos for this thing that once I got it big enough I "threw" it and never picked it up again to line it.  When I do line it guess what color it will be? Yes, white.

My white kitchen pendant light.

Again about style and texture.

You have already seen me show many white dishes. White plates are the very best for displaying food to its best. Except, of course, if the food is white you may want to use a color.

Looking at this picture now I wish I had put a pink rose in each cup - would have been a more pleasing picture or one laying on the cloth.

This is my latest white dish. Isn't it pretty? It was just given to me by a best friend. It was her mothers and my friend wanted me to have something from her mother. Note to Carrie: see that Sarah gets this back sometime.

I have enjoyed having this white olive oil jug here by my stove. I need to get some oil in it and actually start using it!  What else is white good for.........

Plants in the garden.  This one is starting to bloom. There was a time that I didn't realize that caladiums bloomed.

White is great for.......

.....arrangements.  Either with or without other colors.

Why I don't bring flowers inside more is beyond my understanding.  It took about ten minutes to gather these and have them in the jar. I have come to love this flower, the common periwinkle.  It performs so well in our hot sun all summer and self seeds so they are a constant blessing. Even if they get frozen you can be sure they will show up again.  I like to make a loop out of a plant blade to use in arrangements.  This one is from the variegated flax lily.

I mistakenly put this one on here and was about to delete it then thought I would leave it and show you how I keep the loops looped.  See the paper clip just above the rim of the jar? All the other ones are down in and don't show.  Another thing wrong with this arrangement is that you should never have leaves below the water.  They cause the water to not stay fresh for one thing.
O.k. I could go on and on and show many more white things but I think I have made the point that white is GOOD.  White is elegant, simple, soothing, quiet, beautiful, interesting and serene.  White can be dressed up and dressed down. Don't get me wrong, I do like some color but, not so much that I am shouted at all the time!

I hope to start my routine back with at least two posts a week.  As always thank you so much for looking.

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  1. Beautiful whites!

    I love them all.

    So impressed with that yo-yo throw.... WoW!


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